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Digital PET-CT gives sick Queensland kids faster and safer access to care

The Queensland Children’s Hospital has become the first paediatric hospital in Australia to offer a dedicated digital positron emission tomography- computed tomography (PET-CT).

28 March 2022 |

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After undergoing 12 rounds of chemotherapy Myrah won this early battle with cancer, but unfortunately, nearly 4 years later, it would return to another area of her body.

29 September 2022 |

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Helping trans, non-binary and gender diverse kids thrive

Misunderstanding and confusion about being gender diverse or transgender remains one of the biggest challenges facing affected children and their families. It can prevent them from receiving the help, understanding and support they need as they grapple with complex issues of identity. And it can mean they don’t always feel confident and safe in their own body as they find their place in the world.

26 August 2022 |
Last updated: 29 March 2022
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