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Genetics study identifies new cause of physical deformity

A Children’s Health Queensland researcher has helped identify a new rare genetic disorder that reduces the production of cholesterol in children, causing physical deformities and developmental delays.

21 June 2018 |

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Arwen’s parents thought their active nine-year-old girl had just picked up a stomach bug from a friend and was a little exhausted after a busy school term. However, the illness meant they missed the tell tale signs of Type 1 Diabetes – tiredness, increased thirst and urination.

13 July 2018 |

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What’s wrong with rewarding or punishing children with food?

Giving a child a sugary snack for doing well at school or denying them a treat when they’ve been naughty seems harmless in the moment, but could it be teaching children unhealthy eating habits that could affect their lifelong health?

22 June 2018 |

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Last updated: 27 June 2017
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