Finding your way around the hospital

Each level of the hospital is colour coded with directory signs in each lift lobby. Our hospital map also has a service and facility directory to help you find your way around.

Main hospital areas

  • The main reception desk is on level 2
  • Information desks are on levels 2 and 3

There are 2 sets of lifts – A and B.

  • Use the A lifts to get to levels 1 to 7 and the basement car park
  • Use the B lifts to get to levels 1 to 12 and all inpatient areas

Learn more about our hospital and services
Watch our My Trip to Hospital videos to learn more about the hospital and where to go for your appointment, admission or test.

Welcome to the Queensland Children's Hospital

Joy: Welcome to the Queensland Children's Hospital.

It is a big facility. In fact, it's one of the largest and most advanced paediatric hospitals in Australia.

Liam: There were 13 inpatient wards and lots of different outpatient areas and a day area. If your hospital visit is just for the day.

Joy: You could be coming in the case of an emergency situation or because you've been referred by your normal doctor or local hospital.

Liam: Once the hospital sees a referral from your doctor, they'll send you a letter telling you when your appointment is or when you'll be admitted.

Joy: You'll get lots of information about your visit, but if you haven't received something or need more information, call our referral centre to help you out.

Liam: Joy and I spent a lot of time in hospital and we both know that the hospital staff here makes feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.

Joy: To help you get to know the hospital better we've prepared a few videos about the building and services provided here.

Liam: There's more information available on the website as well, but please don't hesitate to ask a staff member if you need any other help.

If you have any other questions, remember you can find more information on our website, au, or call us on 07 3068 1111.

Finding your way around the hospital, including where the main entrance is, which lifts to take and how to check-in for an outpatient appointment.

Liam: This will be one of the first places you see when you arrive at the hospital. The main resection on level two.

Here, the hospital staff and Children's Hospital Foundation volunteers are ready to help make your visit as easy as possible. There were hospital maps located in this area to help you find your way around and in the lift lobby at each level, you'll also find directory signs.

Joy: Every level's colour coded to help finding your way around a little easier. You'll see the lifts are also labelled lift A and lift B.

Liam: If you come in through the basement car park, the lifts take you up to level one or two of the hospital. You need to change to one of the other lifts to access the higher levels of the hospital. Lift A takes you to levels one to seven and lift B takes you to levels one to 12, which includes all the inpatient areas.

Remember to take note of which lift you're travelling so you can find your way back down when you leave the hospital. If you're coming for an outpatient appointment, there are kiosks on the wall of Level one and level two where you can swipe your Medicare card or your appointment letter, which can help make your check in time faster.

Joy: Staff and volunteers can help with swiping in. And remember, if you're coming in for admission, check your letter for where you need to go first.

Liam: If you have any other questions, remember you can find more information on our website, or call us on 07 3068 1111.

Ask a volunteer

If you need help finding a clinic or anything else in the hospital, ask one of our volunteers. You can find them at the reception desk on level 2.

Parking and drop-off areas

Find out where our car parks are and how much you'll pay for parking.

You can also find emergency and drop off areas using our hospital precinct map.

After hours entry

Our external entrance doors are locked between 8 pm and 6 am. If you're coming in outside those hours, you have to go through the emergency department on Stanley Street.

Our exit doors are always open from the inside.

Last updated: September 2023