Health professionals can use the resources as a reference at the point of care and as a training tool. The resources have been developed and endorsed by the Statewide Emergency Care of Children Working Group. The group includes senior emergency medical and nursing clinicians from 24 Queensland hospital emergency departments and nurse educators from rural and remote Queensland.

The Queensland Emergency Department Strategic Advisory Panel (QEDSAP) and Clinical Excellence Queensland provided funding for this work.

Resources for patients and families

Find health information to share with your patient’s family or carers in our Health A to Z section.

You can find QR code links to fact sheets for display in your workplace.

Emergency care research

We work with researchers across Queensland to improve emergency medicine for paediatric patients. Learn more about research at Children's Health Queensland or search our research projects on the Queensland Health DoRA 2.0 website.

Emergency care training

Learn about our Optimus emergency care simulation training courses for health professionals.

We also recommend emergency medicine training courses with external providers.

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The information and materials contained in the Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care website are general in nature and intended for information purposes only. The information and materials have been prepared using a multidisciplinary approach with reference to the best information and evidence available at the time of preparation. No assurance is given that the information or materials are entirely complete, current or accurate in every respect.

The guidelines are not a substitute for clinical judgement, knowledge and expertise, or medical advice. Variation from the materials, taking into account individual circumstances, may be appropriate.

The materials not address all elements of standard practice and recognise that individual clinicians are responsible for:

  • Providing care within the context of locally available resources, expertise, and scope of practice.
  • Supporting consumer rights and informed decision making in partnership with healthcare practitioners including the right to decline intervention or ongoing management.
  • Advising consumers of their choices in an environment that is culturally appropriate and which enables comfortable and confidential discussion. This includes the use of interpreter services where necessary.
  • Ensuring informed consent is obtained prior to delivering care.
  • Meeting all legislative requirements and professional standards.
  • Applying standard precautions, and additional precautions as necessary, when delivering care.
  • Documenting all care in accordance with mandatory and local requirements.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service disclaim, all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for any injury, expense, loss, damage or cost incurred by you or another party for any reason associated with the use of or reliance on the information contained in the Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care website, including the materials within or referred to throughout the website being in any way inaccurate, out of context, out of date, incomplete or unavailable.

Last updated: April 2024