The resuscitation tools and guides are designed for clinicians and nurses to use in the resuscitation environment. The guides open as a PDF.

ABCD (Airway, Breathing Circulation, Disability)

Drugs (CREDD)

The CREDD drug dosage guides have dosing information on emergency medicines for patients based on weight. If you're not sure of the weight of the patient you can check the estimated weight based on their age.

All guides open as a PDF. There are also CREDD training resources and videos available.

Estimated weights provided by the Children’s Resuscitation Emergency Drug Dosage (CREDD) book published by Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service in August 2019.  View the CREDD user guide [PDF 290.7 KB] for copyright licensing details.


Estimated weight

Birth (term)

3.5 kg

1 month

4 kg

2 months

5 kg

3 months

6 kg

4 months

7 kg

6 months

8 kg

9 months

9 kg

1 year

10 kg

2 years

12 kg

3 years

14 kg

4 years

16 kg

5 years

18 kg

6 years

20 kg

7 years

22 kg

8 years

25 kg

9 years

28 kg

10 years

30 kg

11 years

35 kg

12 years

40 kg

13 years

45 kg

14 years

50 kg

Common flowcharts

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Retrieval and transport

If your patient is critically ill, follow your usual in-region pathways or call Retrieval Services Queensland (RSQ) on 1300 799 127.

You can also call our CATCH team for non-critical advice or use our triage tools to check if your patient needs a non-critical or critical transfer.


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Last updated: October 2023