Primary School Nurse Health Readiness Program

The Primary School Nurse Health Readiness Program aims to optimise the health and wellbeing of Queensland children during their transition to primary school, with a key focus on vision screening for Prep students.

Vision screening is vital in early childhood, particularly for conditions such as amblyopia, or a ‘lazy eye’, which – if not detected early and treated – can lead to blindness.

The vision screening program has now been implemented in all Hospital and Health Services across Queensland.

Registered nurses are based in communities across Queensland and work with the support of the hub within Children’s Health Queensland to deliver consistent services and capture service data.

Primary School Nurse Health Readiness Program nurses will also work alongside the Centre for Children’s Health and Wellbeing to build the capacity to promote and support children’s readiness for school in selected disadvantaged communities within Queensland. This recognises that a child’s school readiness not only depends on individual factors, but is also influenced by the broader environment in which they grow and develop.

Activities to support school readiness will be focused on developing the knowledge, skills and confidence of community members who work with children and families; promoting social connectedness and relationships; and advocating for responsive service delivery and policy based on community-identified needs and solutions.

The Primary School Nurse Health Readiness Program forms part of the Queensland Government’s broader $46.1 million Healthier Queensland Action Plan, which aims to stop or manage health problems before hospital-based care is needed.

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