Our program is part of a statewide plan aimed to promote health and prevent chronic diseases in Māori and Pacific Islander families.

  • About the Good Start Program

    The Good Start Program helps Māori and Pacific Islander families make choices for their health and wellbeing.

  • Good Start to Life

    The Good Start to Life program works with Māori and Pacific Islander families to help make healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes during pregnancy and early childhood.

  • Good Start in Schools

    The Good Start Program runs activity sessions to Māori and Pacific Islander students in primary schools and high schools.

  • Healthy Kids Club

    Our team of health professionals work closely with families of all cultural backgrounds to help find strengths to make healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Healthier Together

    Learn how to make healthy and delicious food as a family in our free 5-week course.

Logan Hospital Liaison Service

Our liaison officer supports Māori and Pacific Islander children and families at the Logan Hospital. For more information call 0437 945 860.

Last updated: May 2024