Welcome to Birdie’s Tree

Join Birdie and Mr Frog as they learn about different natural disasters and find out how to cope and recover from stressful events.

Birdie’s Tree is an award winning set of storybooks, videos and resources created by the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health (QCPIMH). We’ve created Birdie’s Tree to help children and families going through natural disasters and disruptive events.

We also have booklets to help parents and carers look after themselves and a learning program for early childhood teachers.

Reading healing and helping stories

Reading healing and helping stories helps children understand what's happening around them. They also help children cope with ‘big feelings’ like fear and worry and recover from stressful or disruptive events.

It’s great to read to children of all ages including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. This helps you bond with your child and supports their learning.

Teachers can also read healing and helping stories like Birdie’s Tree to groups of children at kindergarten, school or libraries.

Read our guides about reading healing stories to learn more and help your child cope in a natural disaster.

Birdie activities

  • Fun with Birdie activity book

    Games, puzzles and colouring in pages about natural disasters to help young children during extreme weather events.

  • Online games

    Free interactive games for children to learn about the weather, their feelings and who can help in an emergency.

  • Relaxing with Birdie

    Relaxing with Birdie teaches children how to breathe, move and think in ways that help them relax and calm down when they're worried or scared.

Programs and resources

Last updated: June 2024