• Birdie and the fire

    Birdie and her friends have to get away from a bushfire. When the fire passes, everything is burnt and stinky, even her feathers! But help is on the way.

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  • Birdie and the blizzard

    When Birdie visits her friend Rosy, a blizzard traps them in the house! But Rosy knows what to do.

  • Birdie and the cyclone

    A big wind blows away Birdie’s nest! But helpers arrive to clean, fix and rebuild.

  • Birdie and the drought

    A terrible drought means Birdie has to leave her home and friends. Birdie feels sad and lonely until something comforting happens.

  • Birdie and the earthquake

    Birdie and her friends take shelter from an earthquake and tsunami. When the shaking stops and the water goes down, everything is broken! Can helpers fix this mess?

  • Birdie and the flood

    It rains so much, Birdie and Mr Frog have to get away from the rising water. The flood breaks Birdie's nest and fills Mr Frog's pond with mud and rubbish. Who will help?

  • Birdie and the shelter

    Birdie and Mr Frog have to go to an emergency shelter! It’s noisy and crowded in the shelter, and Birdie worries about her home. But if she needs help, friends will always be there.

  • Birdie and the virus

    Birdie’s friends are all sick with a virus, but doctors and nurses are there to help and teach her a special song to stay safe.

  • Birdie and the very hot day

    It’s so hot, Birdie and Mr Frog have to find ways to cool down and feel better.

  • Birdie and the big sickness

    Birdie’s friends are all sick, but doctors and nurses are there to help.

  • Birdie and the storm

    Birdie and Mr Frog have to shelter from a noisy, scary storm with thunder and lightning, wind, rain and hail. Birdie learns what hail is made of and is happy when helpers come to clean up.

Last updated: October 2023