Birdie and the flood

One day when Birdie was looking for worms, she spotted some dark clouds in the sky.

Ping, ping, ping. Some drops of rain fell out of the sky and landed on her head.

The rain did not stop.

Soon the water covered the ground. Then it covered the road. It even covered the cars and went into the houses.

It rains so much, Birdie and Mr Frog have to get away from the rising water. Birdie and the flood is a story to help young children:

  • learn what happens when it rains a lot and causes flooding
  • learn who can help in a flood
  • work through sad or scary feelings
  • understand they will feel safe and happy again.


Watch the video of Birdie and the flood.
Watch the Auslan translation of Birdie and the flood.

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Publishing information

Published: 2017

Author: Andrea Murray

Illustrator: Anil Tortop

Format: e-book, paperback

ISBN: 9780994600608

Last updated: March 2024