Birdie and the fire

One day when Birdie was looking for worms, she heard a strange crackling and popping noise.

There was lots of hot wind - whooOooo.

"Come on, Birdie - we have to go! There is a fire coming!" said her friends.

Birdie and her friends have to get away from a bushfire. Birdie and the fire is a story to help young children:

  • learn what a bushfire is
  • learn who can help in a fire
  • work through sad or scary feelings
  • understand that adults will keep them safe
  • understand they will feel safe and happy again.


Watch the video of Birdie and the fire.

Watch the Auslan translation of Birdie and the fire.

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Publishing information

Published: 2017

Author: Andrea Murray

Illustrator: Anil Tortop

Format: e-book, paperback

ISBN: 9780994600622

Last updated: October 2023