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Healthy Kids, Healthy Families Program

Our Healthy Kids, Healthy Families program is a free community program that empowers families on their journey to a healthy future.

This program offers a space for Maori and Pacific Islander families to talanoa and learn more about nutrition, health and physical activity.

We aim to support Maori and Pacific Islander families together to lead and live a healthy lifestyle.

Eight weekly workshops

During the program, we will cover five key topics over eight weekly workshops. These include:

Culture and health

Exploring how cultural values influence the health of Maori & Pacific Islander families.

Healthy eating

Empowering families on their journey to living a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating practices. This includes planning and preparing healthy snacks and meals.

Healthy drinks

Aims to provide helpful tips for drinking water and the benefits it has on living a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activity

Supporting families with practical tips in being more physically active.

Positive parenting and behaviour practices

Looking at how each family member can contribute to the family values through role modelling positive language and behaviour.

The Benefits

Some of the benefits of participating in this program are:

  • understanding the importance of culture for families and health
  • gaining knowledge and understanding of nutrition and physical activity
  • practical tips to support living a healthier lifestyle
  • face to face and online support
  • empowerment to make healthy choices that support a healthy weight.

Who can access this service and do I need a referral?

Healthy Kids, Healthy Families Program

For families

Maori and Pacific Islander children five years and up along with their parents and/or caregivers. Families can self-refer by contacting our team. Please contact our friendly team on 0408 918 401 for more information.

For health professionals

Please submit your completed referral form and supporting information to the Good Start program via email