Strategy Unit

The Strategy Unit of the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health was established in 2008 as a hub of expertise in perinatal and infant mental health for Queensland. In partnership with other government departments, private agencies, tertiary institutions, non-government organisations, and consumers and carers, the Strategy Unit works across Queensland to:

  • support the development of better services and pathways to care for women, their infants, partners, and families
  • upskill and support healthcare professionals and other service providers
  • create and distribute resources about perinatal and infant mental health
  • identify and support research and evaluation opportunities in perinatal and infant mental health
  • advocate for the mental health and emotional wellbeing of families in the perinatal period in Queensland

These activities support the Strategy Unit’s five statewide priorities for perinatal and infant mental health:

  • service development
  • workforce development
  • mental health promotion and prevention
  • research and evaluation
  • advocacy