The C2u research project will evaluate how helpful it is for new parents to receive text messages during pregnancy and in the early months of a new child’s life.

Connecting2u is an infant and family-centred health promotion initiative that provides gestational and perinatal information via Short Message Service (SMS) to parents during pregnancy and in the early months of a new child’s life.

During pregnancy, participants will receive two text messages per week for 12 weeks from 16 weeks pregnant, and then one text per week until birth of baby. When the baby is born, a new set of messages will start with two text messages per week for the first 12 week, and then 1 text per week until the baby is 6 months of age. These messages will relate to pregnancy, infant and family health and wellbeing strategies and relevant information, and will be tailored to suit mums or dads. Participation in this research is voluntary. If at any point you wish to opt out of the project, you can text ‘STOP’ to any of the text messages you receive from the project.

Example messages include:

  1. When I start kicking try tickling me. I can feel your touch now. We can get to know each other this way & helps me connect with you.
  2. Dad, I don’t need lots of toys, I really just need you & Mum playing on the floor with me. I learn to move & get stronger through practice
  3. Deadly, healthy ears allows me to yarn, learn and play. I’d rather watch you than watch tv. I’m 4 months old now and love to play.

Incorporating mobile phone technology as a health promotion strategy, commonly termed mHealth, is increasingly being used globally and is supported by research as evidence based practice.

C2u recognises that child and family-centred interventions address family needs and concerns, seek to promote wellness among all family members, empower parents, and recognise the influences of environmental factors affecting families.

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