Finding a GP

Your local general practitioner (GP or family doctor) plays a very important role in your family’s health care. They are usually the first health professional to see if you have any concerns about your child’s health.

GPs provide continuing, comprehensive care for children and families, within the communities in which they live. Their services include:

  • immunisation
  • monitoring your child’s health and development
  • treatment of accidents and minor injuries
  • working closely with specialists, as needed, to help manage your child’s care.

Recognising the central role of your GP in your child’s health care delivery, Queensland Children’s Hospital, (QCH), will usually refer patients back to the care of their GP after discharge from hospital, or outpatient appointments. In so doing, Children’s Health Queensland strives to provide the safest, most effective and efficient care for our patients and their families.

You can find a GP near you by:

GP access to ‘The Viewer’

Queensland General Practitioners (GPs) will have online access to patient information through Queensland Health’s read-only application, ‘The Viewer’, by mid-2017.  Patients will be able to ‘opt out’ of having their information visible to Queensland GPs by calling 13HEALTH (13 432 584).  Find out more about this initiative.