Using telehealth

Telehealth uses videoconferencing to connect you with your child's healthcare provider.

When you leave hospital, your follow up appointment could be by videoconference.

Read more about telehealth on the Queensland Health website.

When we use telehealth

We use telehealth for:

  • at home patient appointments
  • emergency support and advice
  • inpatient ward rounds
  • outpatient appointments
  • transferring clinical images for specialist advice.

How telehealth works

A telehealth appointment is like a face to face medical appointment. You'll see your health professional on the video screen and hear them through your speakers or headphones. Your health professional will see and hear you.

You can ask a family member, carer or friend to sit in on the telehealth appointment with you.

Telehealth at home

If you're doing your telehealth call from home you'll need:

  • a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • internet or Wi-Fi
  • a webcam, headset or speakers.

We'll send you an email or SMS appointment with a video link for you to click on the day of your appointment.

There will also be a test link in the email. Please make sure you click on the test link before the day of your appointment to check  your webcam and audio is working.

Last updated: September 2023