Disclosure log

Our disclosure log provides documents released in response to information requests made under the Right to Information Act 2009, where they do not contain the applicant’s personal information, or are otherwise unsuitable for publication according to legislation.

Our disclosure log contains a description of the documents released.

Please note that where the decision-making process to delete or redact information under section 78 has resulted in blank pages, these have not been included in the disclosure log.

Reference number Date of decision Number of pages Topic/information requested
RTI 18/09321/11/201823 pages - full release
24 pages - released in part
47 pages - refused in full
Documents relating to the Queensland Children’s Hospital and the proposal to change its name.
RTI 18/22730/04/2019138 pages - full release
32 pages - released in part
Documents specifically reports relating to fire alarms going off and the related impact and cost
RTI 18/10122/11/20182 pages - full releaseStatistics relating to the Queensland Children's Gender Service.
RTI 18/10031/10/201823 pages - full releaseProcedure - Patient Flow Escalation Response and 'capacity alert' text messages sent between July 2018 - September 2018.
RTI 17/34809/07/2018103 pages - full release
138 pages - released in part
107 pages - refused in full
Documents relating to a security review undertaken of the Queensland Children's Hospital.
RTI 16/29904/08/20171 page - full release
Admissions 0 - 14 Days
RTI 16/29904/08/20171 page - full ReleaseAdmissions 15 - 28 Days
RTI 16/29904/08/20171 page - full ReleaseED Presentations
RTI 16/29904/08/201710 pages - full ReleaseLong Stay Patient Procedure
RTI 16/29904/08/201711 pages - full ReleaseStandard Operating Procedure Nov 2014
RTI 16/14323/08/201717 pages - Part ReleaseCode Black 2015
RTI 16/14323/08/201712 pages - part release
1 page - full release
Code Black 2016
RTI 16/14323/08/20171 page - full releaseComplaints - Bed Block
RTI 16/14323/08/201714 pages - full releaseProcedure - Compliments & Complaints Management
RTI 16/14323/08/20176 pages – Full release
5 pages – Part release
3 pages – Full refusal
Performance Review 2014/2015
RTI 16/36723/08/201711 pages - Full Release

13 pages - Full Release
Annual Report 2015/2016

Eating Disorders Team Implementation Plan 2016
RTI 16/15227/01/201713 pages - Full Release
1 page - Part Release
Child Obesity

Bariatric surgery involving children
RTI 15/28412/07/201655 pages
Full Release
Staff Incident reports identified by the Safety and Wellbeing department for the period 1 June 2015 - 7 June 2016 - Queensland Children's Hospital.

(Excluding all identifying third party information)
RTI 15/19621/03/2016Application WithdrawnEmails, briefing notes, letters, correspondence and other materials regarding the opening of the Queensland Children's Hospital.
RTI 15/14902/24/20161 Page Full ReleaseSummary of issues and resolutions identified by the Patient Safety and Quality Service for the period 1 July 2015 - 20 January 2016 - Queensland Children's Hospital in relation to:
Cancellations of Surgery (excluding all identifying third party information)
RTI 15/12401/19/2016Application WithdrawnAny reports relating to SAC1 incidents at the QCH between 2 June 2015 and 4 December 2015.
RTI 15/12301/19/2016Deemed WithdrawalSummary of issues and resolutions identified by the Patient Safety and Quality Service for the period November 2014 - December 2015 - Queensland Children's Hospital in relation to:

Cancellation of Surgery
Car Park issues
Bed Block - no beds available
Waiting Lists for Surgery
Waiting times for Surgery
RTI 15/12201/20/2016Application Withdrawn Email between Comms and Media and the Executive re management of communication with media around the month of October 2015 when the QCH was receiving extensive media coverage.
RTI 15/12101/19/2016Application WithdrawnEmails between the Media Unit and Dr Wakefield regarding promotional video from conception to completion.
RTI 15/05110/21/2015Deemed Access DecisionEmails, briefing notes, letters, correspondence and other materials re opening Queensland Children's Hospital - 14 February 2015 to 10 September 2015.
RTI 101-15-31708/11/201511 Documents Full Release
53 Documents - Part release
Compliance Audit Report.
RTI 101-15-18706/25/20153 Documents - Full release
18 Documents - Part release
Documents flagging clinical risks associated with the QCH opening from 1 October 2014 to 18 December 2014.
RTI 101-15-18605/12/20152 pages - Full release
46 pages - Part release
3 pages - Full refusal
Health Service Chief Executive Performance and Development agreement for the 2012-2013 financial year.
RTI 101-15-19805/11/20152 pages - Figures (Spreadsheet)
Full release
1 page - figures (email)
Full release
Workforce Profiles and Voluntary Separation Package breakdown.
Figures only
RTI 101-15-21404/14/2015Nil
No documents found
Documents relating to patients who attended the Emergency Department at the Queensland Children's Hospital, were admitted and subsequently passed away due to possibly to delay in provision of service.
RTI 101-13-18803/27/201412Work Reform - Affected positions
Work Redesign - Affected positions
Tier 2 Organisation Structure - Affected positions
RTI 101-14-10512/02/20141785 - in total
250 - full release
445 - part release
1090 - full refusal
Outsourcing of non-clinical services to Medirest

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