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DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis)

Queensland children are presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a dangerous complication of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes, at alarming rates.

Type 1 diabetes is a serious condition where your child’s body no longer produces insulin, an important hormone that helps turn glucose (sugar) into energy for the body.

Know the warning signs of type 1 diabetes

DKA sign - tired
DKA sign - thirsty
DKA sign - thin
DKA sign - toilet
Toilet – Is your child urinating a lot? Have they started wetting the bed?
Thirsty – Is your child drinking a lot but is always thirsty?
Tired – Is your child getting plenty of sleep but is still tired?
Thin – Have they lost weight recently?

If your child has one or more of these symptoms, see your GP immediately and ask for a finger-prick blood glucose test.  It’s easy, fast – and could save your child’s life.

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This DKA prevention project has been developed by Queensland Health’s Statewide Diabetes Clinical Network in partnership with JDRF and Diabetes Australia.Qld Govt, JDRF and Diabetes Australia