Research areas

Children’s Health Queensland has a number of major multidisciplinary research programs. This work focuses on the prevention and early detection of illness and injury, delivery of better evidence-based healthcare, and service improvement and innovation. These studies and outcomes improve healthcare delivery and medical understanding of children and young people in Queensland, and around the world.

Prevention and early detection

Our research has a strong focus on the prevention of injury and illness. Advances in the early detection of disease and chronic health conditions help to deliver the best possible outcomes for children, young people and their families. Read more

Critical care, medicine and surgery

Continuous innovation and improvement in the delivery of emergency and intensive care, medicine and surgery is helping to provide better care through improved diagnosis, novel treatments, and strategies to prevent complications of injury and illness. Read more

Mental health and wellbeing

Our research aims to help infants, children, young people and families reach and maintain their optimal mental health and emotional wellbeing. We specialise in identifying risk factors commonly associated with the development and persistence of childhood and adolescent mental health symptoms, while developing and evaluating new treatments and prevention programs. Read more

Health services innovation

Children’s Health Queensland aims to rapidly translate research across all disciplines to improve the delivery of primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary care and statewide health services. Our research informs the development of integrated and sustainable person-centred healthcare systems. Read more