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Queensland Paediatric Emergency Care Education

Children’s Health Queensland provides world class education for healthcare professionals to ensure every child in our state receives optimal care. Click on the links below to explore courses, modules and online videos designed in collaboration with experts from around Queensland.

Optimus is a suite of face to face and eLearning courses on paediatric resuscitation and critical care.  They are designed by CHQ’s STORK unit, a team of world leading educators who deliver simulation focused training throughout Queensland.

  • CORE is for early responders to deteriorating paediatric patients.
  • PRIME is for second responders who stabilise paediatric patients while awaiting retrieval.
  • BONUS is a set of downloadable simulation packages designed to refresh course content through in situ simulations within your unit.
  • PULSE is a CPR refresher course for staff who have already completed CORE.

To find out more on each course, click the individual links below.

Simulation Training Optimising Resuscitation for Kids (STORK) is a team of educators who provide training on paediatric critical care.  They use simulation and other innovative education methods to support the development of resilient healthcare systems capable of excellent resuscitative care to any child, anywhere in Queensland.

Paediatric emergency care resources are available online

Including: Guidelines and flowcharts, Resuscitation drug and equipment guide (CREDD), Resuscitation eLearning including CREDD education, Transport triage tool, Parent fact sheets and more.

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Ben Lawton

Director of SToRK and a Paediatric Emergency Physician

Ben Symon

Simulation Consultant for SToRK and Paediatric Emergency Physician

Louise Dodson

Nurse Educator

Sophia Mcdonald

Administration Officer

Tricia Pilotto

Nurse Educator

Tony Carter

Simulation Co-ordinator

Sonia Twigg

Sim Fellow

Tina Haffenden

Simulation Co-ordinator

Stefan Pietsch

Simulation Co-ordinator