Escalation and advice outside of ED in Queensland

Clinicians can contact the services below to escalate the care of a paediatric patient as per local practices. Transfer is recommended if the child requires a higher level of care.

Child is critically unwell, rapidly deteriorating or requiring time-critical care

Reason for contact Who to contact
For immediate onsite assistance including airway management The most senior resources available onsite at the time as per local practices.
Options may include:

  • paediatric critical care
  • critical care
  • anaesthetics
  • paediatrics
  • Senior Medical Officer (or similar)
Paediatric critical care advice and assistance Onsite or via Retrieval Services Queensland (RSQ).

If no onsite paediatric critical care service, contact RSQ:

  • for access to paediatric critical care telephone advice
  • to coordinate the retrieval of a critically unwell child RSQ (access via QH intranet)

Notify early of children potentially requiring transfer.
In the event of retrieval, inform your local paediatric service.

Unsure if you need critical care support and inter-hospital transfer?

Child is acutely unwell, requires escalation of care or non-critical advice

Reason for contact Who to contact
(relating to management, disposition or follow-up)

  • local and regional paediatric videoconference support via Telehealth Management Support Unit TEMSU (access via QH intranet)

Referral First point of call is the onsite/local paediatric or relevant specialist service
Inter-hospital transfers
Do I need a critical transfer?
  • discuss with onsite/local paediatric or relevant specialist service
  • use the Queensland Paediatric Transport Triage Tool to help you identify children who require critical care support and inter-hospital transfer

Request a critical inter-hospital transfer
Request a non-critical inter-hospital transfer
Non-critical inter-hospital transfer forms

Paediatric emergency care resources are available online

Including: Guidelines and flowcharts, Resuscitation drug and equipment guide (CREDD), Resuscitation eLearning including CREDD education, Transport triage tool, Parent fact sheets and more.

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