Arts-in-health programs are internationally recognised as improving the hospital experience by promoting the power of the creative imagination. The arts-in-health field is supported by specialist academic centres and foundations, international symposia, and a growing body of professional literature.

Why it’s important

Studies show that when patients are involved with the arts as they negotiate the health care system, it can reduce the length of hospital stays and lower reliance on pain relief medication. Not only can arts-in-health programs promote healing and recovery, they also improve the emotional wellbeing of patients by providing a constructive and therapeutic outlet for their creativity. Our arts-in-health program regularly runs interactive art workshops where children can express themselves creatively and emotionally while most importantly, having fun! The freedom that comes from using their imagination to create art can also help give children in hospital a sense of ownership of their identity – allowing them to feel more like a person rather than a patient.

Our arts-in-health program regularly brings the outside world into the hospital by arranging special performances, culturally significant art workshops and educational activities. This helps our patients stay connected to what’s going on in the world, and also provides them with the opportunity to connect, collaborate and engage with each other.

Visual art

The Queensland Children’s Hospital was built with the needs of our patients and families in mind and a diverse range of visual art is interwoven into it’s design. These artworks bring colour, joy and life to the building, transforming it from a clinical hospital environment to a vibrant and engaging space where our patients imaginations can run wild.

Many of the artworks on display were commissioned or selected specifically for the Queensland Children’s Hospital and are culturally significant to local area and traditional owners of the land. From the large scale atrium installation, to the colourful moth wall decals, our visual art collection helps bring the hospital to life. See more of the hospital’s featured artworks on the Our art collection page.

Interactive art

Interactive art plays a crucial role in the hospital environment, as it allows our patients to express themselves creatively while supporting their learning and development. Our arts-in-health workshops are often themed to incorporate a cultural or educational aspect into the activity that allows children to learn through creating.

From giant colouring activities to music classes, the arts-in-health program is committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and educational development of our patients by making sure they have access to interactive art activities.

Performance art

Performance art allows children to forget they’re in hospital and be temporarily transported to new and exciting worlds through captivating storytelling and live music recitals. Our arts-in-health program works with local and international creative arts organisations to curate culturally diverse and engaging performances for our patients and families.

Contact us

For enquires about the Arts-in health program at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, please email us.