Family support

We understand that your child’s diagnosis of sepsis is a life changing event that often involves a long stay in hospital. We have a helpful sepsis information sheet for you which describes:

  • what is sepsis
  • the care your child may experience in hospital
  • support for your family in hospital, including cultural support
  • questions you could ask your child's healthcare team
  • helpful resources.

The lifelong impacts of sepsis can require ongoing care for many years.

Parents have described a sense of isolation and uncertainty in their child affected by an unknown or unfamiliar condition. Given this, we want families to be well supported and have access to useful information and resources.

Family Support Network

We invite you to join our statewide Family Support Network. Once registered, you may choose to access any, or all of the following:

  • information and resources
  • giving feedback about clinical and family educational materials
  • connection with other parents and carers through the Peer Mentor Program
  • participations in paediatric sepsis research
  • participation in education and public awareness campaigns
  • sharing your own story through media opportunities.

Register here for the Family Support Network.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program aims to provide families with the unique understanding, encouragement and support which only another parent who has walked a similar path can provide.

Peer Mentors provide support and information on “navigating the journey” of sepsis treatment and medical care or bereavement. Peer Mentors are required to participate in training prior to commencement and continue to be provided with ongoing support and supervision by Peer Mentor Program Leads (Advanced Social Workers) throughout their time with the program.

Peer Mentors have first-hand experience with:

  • adjusting to a child’s sudden and potentially lengthy hospital admission
  • identifying services and resources that may be helpful during this time, and following discharge
  • caring for the emotional needs of other children in the family
  • understanding grief and adjustment associated with a child’s diagnosis of sepsis and the lifelong impacts
  • returning to everyday activities, including employment
  • communicating with other family members and friends.

Register here if you would like to be supported by another parent or carer.

Register here if you are interested in supporting other families, as a Mentor.

For more information, please contact the Peer Mentor Program Lead

More sepsis support and information

Find more information and support for your child and family on the Sepsis Australia and Sepsis Alliance (US) websites.

Last updated: January 2024