Our role

We identify opportunities to improve the safety and quality of health care services for children and young people across Queensland.

Our main focus is to:

  • collect and review clinical information about childhood death, injury and illness
  • identify statewide healthcare trends and opportunities for improvement
  • make quality and safety recommendations to the Director-General of Queensland Health.

We work with other state, national and international organisations including the Queensland Family and Child Commission and the Queensland Coroners Court.

We’re an approved quality assurance committee under the Queensland Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011.

Read our terms of reference to learn more about how we work. You can also find out more about quality assurance committees on the Clinical Excellence Queensland website.

Queensland Paediatric Quality Council (QPQC) steering committee

We’re supported by our steering committee who meet 3 times a year. The committee provides governance and oversight for the work we do. It also:

  • provides strategic direction
  • helps us apply for grant funding
  • promotes our work
  • develops relationships with community partners and stakeholders.

QPQC steering committee members

  • Dr Sharon Anne McAuley, Chair
  • Dr Julie McEniery
  • A/Prof Dr Steve McTaggart
  • Professor Leonie Callaway
  • Dr Melissa (Meg) Cairns
  • Kirstine Sketcher-Baker
  • Ainslie Kirkegaard
  • Frank Tracey
  • Dr Clare Thomas
  • Dr Rachael Beswick
  • Dr Ka-Kiu Cheung
  • Dr Neil Archer
  • Dominic Tait
  • Angela Young
  • Zehnab Vayani
  • Adele Fahey
  • Leah Hardiman

Reports and publications

Paediatric Matters

We publish our research in our periodic publication, Paediatric Matters.

Guidelines and research


We publish our triennial report every 3 years.


We have 2 subcommittees that review information about infant deaths and clinical incidents.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our work or projects email us at QPQC@health.qld.gov.au.

QPQC team

  • Dr Sharon Anne McAuley
  • Jodie Osborne
  • Dr Diane Cruice
  • Melissa Schmiede

Last updated: April 2024