Queensland Pēpi-Pod® Program

Easy to breathe, safer to sleep

The Queensland Pepi-Pod® Program is a targeted multimodal intervention, the main purpose of which is to protect infant breathing and reduce the risk of accidental suffocation during sleep.

About the Pēpi-Pod® Program

The Pēpi-Pod® Program (PPP) was developed in New Zealand in 2010 by Change for our Children in response to high rates of sleep-related infant deaths, especially for Māori. Due to its association with declining infant death rates, the value of the Pēpi-Pod® Program has been recognised nationally such that is now an integrated part of the infant health service in New Zealand.

Central to the program is a portable baby bed (Pēpi-Pod® sleep space), which offers more vulnerable babies a zone of protection for easy breathing, wherever they may sleep.

The Pēpi-Pod® Program shifts attention away from the ‘problem’ of vulnerable babies in unsafe sleeping situations, and towards a solution – support for parents and protection for babies.

Portable sleeping spaces Pēpi-Pods can reduce the risk of suffocation for sleeping babies

There are three core elements to the Pēpi-Pod® Program, all designed to consider safety.
The tool (Pēpi-Pod® sleep space) to enable families to protect their babies
The education to inform about infant breathing and foster understanding
The role of peer communicator whereby parents are encouraged to share what they learn about protecting babies’ breathing within their social networks and so empower their communities.

What is a Pēpi-Pod® sleep space?

A Pepi-Pod® sleep space is a protected place for babies to sleep when they sleep in, or on, an adult bed or mattress, on a couch, in a makeshift setting, or when away from home. These situations have a higher risk of accidental suffocation for babies.

The Pepi-Pod® is the safe space, but parents must also provide the safe care. This means:

  • On the back
  • Able to breath and stay breathing (airways kept clear of any hazards)

About the Program
History of the Pēpi-Pod® Program
Impact of the program on QLD infant mortality
EQuiPP Project

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