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Optimus PULSE

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice for Paediatric Life Support

PULSE is a two-hour hour face-to-face course developed by Children’s Health Queensland for healthcare professionals to optimise their paediatric CPR and life support training. The course centres around an innovative teaching method called ‘Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice’.

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice is similar to olympic style coaching, where participants join in a series of drills to get better and better at CPR delivery with close correction and coaching. This educational strategy is recommended by ILCOR and the American Heart Association to teach Paediatric CPR at a high standard with evidence of longer skills retention and better long-term performance than traditional teaching methods.

Children’s Health Queensland is proud to present this educational material for paediatric healthcare educators free of charge. Educators are welcome to download the teaching manuals below which contain links to video demonstrations of each station to familiarise yourself with the teaching methods and stations. For Queensland educators interested in receiving training to deliver PULSE, please contact stork@health.qld.gov.au.

The PULSE curriculum includes:

  • An eLearning refresher on CPR basics
  • Introduction to the role of the CPR Coach
  • Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice drills on paediatric CPR
Things to do before the course:

  1. Queensland Health staff elearning.
  2. Participants outside of Queensland Health elearning.

Things to do after the course:

  1. Complete the online feedback form.

One week before the course PRINT the following:

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