Wheeze Action Plan

Children’s Health Queensland has developed a form to help patients with a wheezing illness (asthma, pre-school wheeze or reactive airways disease) manage their symptoms at home.

Once completed the form generates an Asthma or Pre-school Wheeze Action Plan which can be printed and provided as a resource to patients.

The Action Plan describes what and when medication should be given and is tailored to the individual needs of each child.

It should be kept in a safe place that is easy to find and shared with the child’s General Practitioner as well as anyone who cares for them (e.g. teachers and relatives). It should also be given to staff at the Emergency Department in the event of an attack that requires a visit to hospital.

Download the Wheeze Action Plan

Asthma video series

The Queensland Respiratory Clinical Network, in association with Asthma Foundation Queensland have developed an asthma video series to help families identify and manage their child’s asthma symptoms.

Watch the video series below.

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