Integrated care

Integrated care is the provision of care in the broadest sense – physical, psychological and social – which is oriented around the needs of children, young people and families, and designed and delivered in partnership with them. In an integrated system, these needs are met through the coordinated and collaborative efforts of all providers, irrespective of sectorial, organisational or geographic boundaries.

The Integrated Care Strategy 2018-2022

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The CHQ Integrated Care Strategy 2018-2022 (the Strategy) describes the principles underpinning integrated care in a paediatric context. It is designed to inform all clinical and non-clinical services within CHQ, as well as other organisations involved in the care of children and young people.

The Strategy is intentionally written as a practical guide, describing current system enablers of integrated care and setting out a ‘tool kit’ of resources which can be immediately utilised by services hoping to better integrate care.

Demonstrator programs

Integrated care is not new, and CHQ has been working towards better integrating care for children and young people for many years. Below is a selection of projects and programs that demonstrate our work in this area.

You can also see CHQ’s digital vision for delivering child and family-centred care through the Integrated Care Digital Program.

A national and international leader in integrated care for children

A member of the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), CHQ is also a founding partner of the Australian chapter of IFIC. Through our connections with IFIC, and in conjunction with colleagues in NSW, CHQ is proudly leading a global coalition of organisations to form a Child, Young People and Families Special Interest Group within IFIC.

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