Nursing education

Children’s Health Queensland is committed to growing and developing a skilled paediatric nursing workforce and provides extensive learning opportunities and support to nursing staff. The CHQ Nursing Education Strategy supports the individual practitioner to gain knowledge and skills relevant to their role, promotes opportunities to progress practice and supports career development and succession while meeting the needs of the organisation. The strategy backs the development of an education service that fosters and facilitates a learning culture leading to excellence in clinical practice and professional development.

Nursing professional development opportunities

There are many opportunities for ongoing professional development at Children’s Health Queensland, including clinical specialty and sub-speciality workshops, programs, and courses available for all staff.

Transition to paediatric practice programs

Registered nurses are able to undertake specialty education programs, called Transition to Paediatric Practice Programs, to acquire knowledge and skills to safely and effectively provide care for paediatric patients and their families in a variety of settings.

Transition is a suite of blended learning programs for nurses comprising of theoretical learning and practical learning undertaken in the clinical setting for a specialty area of practice.

Nurses successfully completing a Transition to Paediatric Practice Program can achieve articulation to tertiary credit in a number of post graduate programs.

Paediatric programs include:

  • Acute Paediatric Program
  • Paediatric Intensive Care Program
  • Child and Youth Community Health Program

Additional Transition programs that are not paediatric specific include:

  • Perioperative Program
  • Mental Health Program

Graduate Nurse Program

The structured Graduate Nurse Program is coordinated by a Nurse Educator and provides participants with high-quality support and direction to work in a tertiary paediatric environment.

Participants must undertake the Transition to Paediatric Practice Program, which on successful completion articulates to tertiary credit at several universities.

The 12 month New Graduate Program includes:

  • An orientation period consisting of district, nursing and graduate orientation
  • Supernumerary time supported by a preceptor and ongoing support by clinical practice facilitators at the bedside to assist new graduates integrate into the clinical environment
  • Study days throughout the year to support and enhance learning

Undergraduate and postgraduate placements

Children’s Health Queensland supports the learning and development of nursing undergraduate students from Queensland universities.

Student placements at Children’s Health Queensland offer many opportunities and challenges that are unique to the paediatric environment. Placements are offered for acute paediatrics at Queensland Children’s Hospital (all wards and specialties including Emergency and PICU), in the paediatric mental health setting and in the community setting.

Ensure that all relevant material provided by your institution is reviewed and completed (legislative and organisational requirements) to ensure your placement proceeds. Access the Queensland Health site – Preparing for your clinical placement for further information.

Specialty postgraduate placements are also available throughout CHQ. Placements are coordinated through individual universities.