Children’s Advice and Transport Coordination Hub (CATCH)

The Children’s Advice and Transport Coordination Hub (CATCH), based in the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital (LCCH), is part of a greater statewide clinical advice and transport coordination network for children across Queensland. With a focus on low acuity, non time critical paediatric patients the CATCH service enhances this network by also improving timely access to specialist consultation for clinicians managing paediatric patients and their transfers across the state. This ensures all Queensland children receive the most appropriate care and treatment regardless of where they live.

CATCH provides a clinical paediatric specialist teleconference and telehealth service to health professionals undertaking the clinical care of children in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote Queensland.

CATCH also facilitates inter-hospital transfers into and out of the LCCH as well as reverse flow from the LCCH’s Emergency Department to secondary inpatient beds within the Greater Brisbane Metropolitan Area. CATCH also coordinates the timely delivery of the associated transfer documentation.

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The aims of CATCH

  • To improve access to clinical paediatric advice for health professionals and general practitioners caring for children in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote Queensland through the use of telehealth resources.
  • To optimise the early diagnosis, support and management of patients and prevent the unnecessary hospital transfers for children and their families.
  • To coordinate inter-hospital transfers and back transfers between emergency departments and the LCCH, as well as other metropolitan and regional paediatric in-patient units.

How does CATCH work?

CATCH works in collaboration with a network of services comprised of:

RSQ are responsible for aeromedical transfers across Queensland.
TEMSU centrally coordinates acute tele-health support and advice for rural and remote clinicians through their local hospital and health service.
QAS provides road transportation for patients to, and in some cases between hospitals.
PTSS provides patients, and in some cases their carers, with financial aid which enables them to access specialist medical services unavailable to them locally.

CATCH uses telehealth and video conferencing technology to link all parties involved in inter-hospital transfers, including referring and accepting teams, emergency department physicians, and bed management staff. This improves access to clinical advice during diagnosis and streamlines the transfer process for patients and hospital and health services.

How does CATCH improve access to Tertiary Paediatric Hospital beds?

  • CATCH provides a central point of contact for paediatric transfers into and out of the LCCH, Queensland’s only tertiary referral paediatric hospital.
  • By facilitating the timely transfer of children back to their local level hospitals for continued treatment once they have been discharged from tertiary level care. This patient-transfer process supports equitable access to tertiary level care for all Queensland children through improved patient flow and continued focus on patient-and family-centred care.
  • CATCH liaises directly with accepting and referring clinical teams, bed managers and paediatric ward nurse unit managers (or team leaders where appropriate) through tele-helath and/or video conferencing technology to streamline the transfer process.

Contact us

Please contact CATCH to assist in the coordination of your inter-hospital patient transfers.
CATCH can assist with managing inter hospital road QAS bookings and transfers. CATCH can also call conference accepting and referring teams and sub-specialties and liaise with bed managers to obtain beds for patients requiring inter-hospital transfer. CATCH also coordinates the timely delivery of transfer documentation.

t: 07 3068 4510
f: 07 3068 2089
Telehealth dial in address: # 72270

t: 1300 733127

t: 1800 114 414