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Consumer engagement – Expression of interest
Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ) has a specific need to hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers about our COVID-19 response.

To help meet this need, we are forming a First Nations Consumer Advisory Group and would like to invite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consumers present and past to apply to join this committee.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions including travel and physical distancing requirements, it is expected that we will use technology to manage meetings. Assistance will be provided to selected applicants to engage and use technology. Because of the online nature of the committee, applications can be from anyone who uses our services from anywhere in the state. We look forward to participation not only from local interested community members but those living in Rural and Remote locations.It is expected initially committee members participate in a small orientation and then spend approximately two hours per month on committee activities. CHQ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff are keen to support consumers through this process and will sit alongside consumers on the panel as required.

We consider this a great opportunity to actively engage with a Health Service who is committed to ensuring the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community has a voice. Remuneration for time will be in accordance with the standard CHQ Consumer Engagement procedures.

If you would like any further information about the COVID-19 First Nations Consumer Advisory Group, please call Vena Beetson on: 07 30682273 who will be happy to yarn a little more about the process and requirements.

Applications for the COVID-19 First Nations Advisory Group close on the 22/06/20.

Please take the time to complete the register your interest form and
send to the CHQ Consumer Engagement Officer via:
Consumer Engagement Officer, Patient Safety and Quality Service (PSQS)

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Partner with us and get involved

Children’s Health Queensland Hospital values placing patients – children and young people – and families at the centre of everything we do. Consumers, who are our patients, families and carers, as well as the community, play a vital role in helping us plan, design and deliver better health services for children and young people. We acknowledge that involving families in decisions about their children’s health care contributes to improved services and health outcomes for patients and families. There are many ways you can partner with us and get involved.

What it means to be involved

Partnering as a consumer representative will give you the opportunity to represent the interests of patients and families using Children’s Health Queensland services, including their needs, views, ideas, suggestions and concerns. The role of consumer representatives is to promote, encourage and support positive patient experiences and outcomes across our services.

Ways to get involved

Children’s Health Queensland has a variety of ways for families and consumers to partner with us. Whether you would like to be involved in a quality improvement project – either short- or long-term, represent consumers on one of our committees, share your experience or participate in online surveys, we value your input and feedback. Your involvement helps us understand what is important and identify what we do well and how we can improve.

Options include:

  • partnering in governance
  • committees and working groups
  • share your story
  • review resources
  • complete a survey
  • short-term projects
  • online consultation
  • share your experience

Partnering in committees and working groups

We have several governance committees where patients, family and carers provide us with their valuable perspectives about Children’s Health Queensland’s services. We welcome your interest in partnering with us.

Who can join our consumer groups?

We welcome involvement from families, patients and community members who use or have an interest in our services and would like to contribute to service improvements.

Children’s Health Queensland staff, elected officials (local, state and federal) and lobbyists are not eligible to join our consumer groups, but they can email for other options to engage with us.

Register your interest

If you are interested in any of our current vacancies or other options for getting involved please complete our online registration form.


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