Our performance

We measure our performance in line with the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 and against a range of health care standards set by our Board, the Queensland Government and federal government agencies

As part of our commitment to meeting community expectations, the Queensland Children’s Hospital was built to address the specific health care needs of children and young people. Since opening its’ doors to patients in November 2014 the hospital’s performance has been measured against health care benchmarks, other hospital and health services and data from previous years. Tracking our performance in this way helps us identify key areas needing improvement so we can continuously improve.

For more information and detailed data about our performance as a hospital and health service visit the Queensland Health Hospital Performance website or the MyHospitals website.

Annual reports

Annual report 2018-19

Annual report 2017-18

Annual report 2016-17

Annual report 2015-16

Annual report 2014-15

Annual report 2013-14

Annual report 2012-13

Consumer feedback

Consumer feedback data
Total Number Closed – No further action required Closed – Further action required
Compliments received 716 N/A N/A
Complaints received 797 792 5
Complaint key performance indicators
Complaints acknowledged within 5 days
(Target = 100%)
Complaints resolved within 35 days
(Target = 80%)