Children’s Health Queensland

Medal of Distinction

Recognising exceptional contribution to the health and wellbeing of Queensland children and young people.

The best care for every Queensland child

At Children’s Health Queensland, we’re committed to leading life-changing care for children and young people, to give them a healthier tomorrow wherever they live in Queensland.

We know we cannot achieve this vision alone.

Better health and wellbeing outcomes for Queensland’s children and young people can only be achieved through the collective efforts of committed people who dedicate themselves and their careers to supporting communities and families to build the best possible future.

“Collaborating in care for a healthier tomorrow”

Recognising exceptional achievement and outstanding contribution

The Children’s Health Queensland Medal of Distinction is awarded to Queenslanders who have made a significant and sustained contribution to improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Importantly it not only acknowledges outstanding contribution to paediatric health care and research, but also equal contributions in the broader social domains that impact a child’s health and wellbeing. This includes education, community support, engagement or activation, or through outstanding advocacy.

Nomination criteria

In choosing the recipients of the Children’s Health Queensland Medal of Distinction, regard will be given to the nominee’s achievements against the following criteria:

  • How the nominee has positively impacted the health and wellbeing of Queensland children and young people, throughout their life/career.
  • How the nominee has actively listened, learned and responded to the voices of children, young people, families, communities and partners in carrying out their work or contribution.
  • The values and qualities the nominee has brought to their work in improving the lives of Queensland children and young people.

Nominations should include specific information and details about the individual’s contributions.

An individual need only be nominated once to be considered. The number of nominations received per nominee bears no weight in their selection.

Eligibility criteria

  • Nominees must be Queensland residents
  • Awards will not be granted posthumously
  • Self nominations will not be accepted
  • Unsuccessful nominees may be re-nominated in subsequent years

Nominations are now closed.

Our values

At Children’s Health Queensland, our values – developed in consultation with children, young people and families – guide the decisions we make and the way we provide care each and every day.


Judging process

Nominations will be considered and assessed by an adjudicating panel.

A shortlist of recommended recipients will be provided to the Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Board for decision.

Recipients of the award will be announced in October.

Recognise someone who has made an exceptional contribution to the health and wellbeing of Queensland children and young people.

“We work together with a shared purpose to create a connected system of care”