Health Service Chief Executive

Adjunct Professor Frank Tracey

Photo of Frank Tracey

Adjunct Professor Frank Tracey has over 40 years’ experience working in health systems, including executive roles in large health organisations and the non-government sector.

He has a clinical background in nursing and holds advanced qualifications in health management and governance. His strong executive management and leadership skills complement his extensive experience in health commissioning and service provision in clinical and community settings.

He has an applied interest in population health planning and translational health research. While working in both government and non-government roles he has focused on delivering sustainable health strategies that serve the best interests of:

  • consumers
  • health professionals
  • the broader health system
  • the community.

Executive Director Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer

Alan Fletcher

Photo of Alan Fletcher

Alan has more than 27 years’ financial leadership and management within the public health sector.

He is a highly experienced healthcare leader responsible for our:

  • financial strategy
  • compliance
  • governance
  • key functions including financial and management accounting, revenue services, clinical costing and business analytics.

He has extensive knowledge and experience in financial management, business leadership and corporate strategy.

He also leads our:

  • digital health services function
  • facilities and capital infrastructure
  • disruption and disaster management
  • procurement and contracts
  • supply chain services portfolios.

He is a member of CPA Australia.

Executive Director Medical Services

Associate Professor Steven McTaggart

Photo of Steven McTaggart

Steven has been our Executive Director Medical Services since May 2021. Before this he was the Divisional Director of Medicine from 2014.

A paediatric nephrologist for 20 years, he continues with some limited clinical practice providing care to children with kidney disease and their families.

He has a passion for person-centred care, patient safety and quality, and clinical excellence.

He is also the Paediatric Medical Lead at the Queensland Health Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Service.

His leadership is pivotal to supporting the workforce to deliver continuous improvement in patient care by:

  • embedding best practice
  • encouraging innovation in clinical care, education and research.

Executive Director Nursing Services

Adjunct Professor Callan Battley

Photo of Callan Battley

Callan Battley has held several executive leadership roles in large health services and is a highly respected executive nurse leader. He is passionate about the healthcare and wellbeing of children and young people with a particular interest in equity.

He also has a strong track record of leading transformation to deliver improvement and high performance.

As well as being our Executive Director of Nursing Services he is also:

  • working in partnership with multiple universities to develop a paediatric and young person nursing workforce for the future
  • actively involved as an investigator in several research projects that seek to improve outcomes and reduce harm to children and young people
  • actively involved in children’s health and wellbeing in rural and remote Queensland through volunteer work.

Executive Director Allied Health

Associate Professor Leanne Johnston

Photo of Leanne Johnston

Leanne is an advanced clinical paediatric physiotherapist with more than 25 years’ experience across clinical, research, management and education roles. She was one of our founding board members from 2012 to 2019.

She is passionate about improving healthcare quality and reducing health inequality.

She has dedicated her career to providing high-quality person-centred care and support for children and their families.

She has held executive roles across multiple sectors, including:

  • Head of Physiotherapy for The University of Queensland
  • Allied Health and Research Manager for the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland.

Executive Director Clinical Services

Dominic Tait

Photo of Dominic Tait

Dominic has been our Executive Director Clinical Services since  January 2017. Before this, he was Divisional Director of Clinical Support.

He is a highly experienced healthcare leader and manager with a passion for providing high-quality paediatric health services in partnership with patients and families.

He also served as operations manager across multiple divisions including critical care, surgery and clinical support from 2012.

He has also worked in clinical paediatric roles both in Australia and the United Kingdom and holds:

  • a Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • a Master of Business Administration.

Executive Director Communications, Culture and Engagement

Belinda Taylor

Photo of Belinda Taylor

Belinda has more than 20 years’ experience working in communications, corporate and public affairs across a range of industries.

She has delivered strategic communications, media and stakeholder engagement programs across:

  • private sector and publicly listed companies
  • political offices
  • government agencies and consultancies.

She specialises in developing strategy that creates value-based stakeholder partnerships and multi-channelled communication programs.

She is responsible for our:

Executive Director Strategy, Planning Improvement and Innovation

Adrian Clutterbuck

Photo of Adrian Clutterbuck

Adrian has extensive experience leading and delivering strategy and transformation to international health systems. A physiotherapist with a passion for developing people and teams, he has worked for us since 2017.

As a director in a top tier management consultancy company, he has worked in United Kingdom and Australian health systems.

In this role he delivered operational efficiency and large-scale reconfiguration and transformation.

He has also held clinical leadership roles in community services as well as business development roles in a multinational pharmaceutical company.

Executive Director Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement

Angela Young

Photo of Angela Young

Angela is a Kullalli/Koa woman who brings a wealth of experience to the role.

She is committed to creating a more innovative, culturally safe and engaging healthcare pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people and their families.

She has also worked as the General Manager, Policy and Research for the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council.

In this role, she advocated for improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

She has a passion for justice and holds a Bachelor of Laws and started her career as a government lawyer. She has also held senior roles in the areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing, employment and education.

Executive Director People and Governance

Naomi Hebson

Photo of Naomi Hebson

Naomi is an experienced health care leader with a clinical background in nursing and advanced qualifications in health management and business. Her portfolio responsibilities include:

  • human resources
  • quality management systems
  • integrated governance
  • legal services
  • enterprise risk management
  • legislative compliance
  • internal audit.

Her career spans across health policy, strategy and reform agendas. Most recently she has worked in health commissioning as the Executive Director Contract and Performance Management within the Queensland Department of Health.

She has a keen interest in enabling the delivery of sustainable health services that deliver person-centred care.

Last updated: April 2024