The right@home program provides extra help to families with new babies. Having a baby is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also feel quite daunting. As your baby grows, they will go through different growth and developmental stages, that may bring new parenting challenges. Having someone visit and talk regularly with you during this time can make all the difference to the health and wellbeing of you and your baby.

A child health nurse and social worker/psychologist can visit you at your home and support you with any child health and parenting concerns you might have. Home visits are available antenatally to provide support to you and your family between hospital appointments and seeing your doctor.

How long does the right@home program last?

Your home visits will usually start while you are pregnant, or just after your baby is born. This will help you get to know your right@home nurse so you and your family feel comfortable around them. The right@home program can support you and your family through home visits, until your baby is two years old.

What happens during a home visit?

At each visit, you will be able to talk to your nurse about how things are going for you, your baby and your family. Some topics you may like to chat about with your child health nurse are:

  • feeding support (e.g. breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding)
  • sleep and settling (e.g. what to do when your baby cries)
  • how your baby is growing and developing
  • when and how to introduce solid foods
  • immunisation
  • parenting support (e.g. parenting groups and playgroups you can attend)
  • talking about the feelings and emotions you are dealing with as a parent
  • looking after your baby as the grow into a toddler.

Your nurse can also put you in touch with other health professionals, who can support your baby’s health as they grow and develop.

Who can access this service?

The right@home program is available to families living in the Logan, Beenleigh and Browns Plains, Pine Rivers and Caboolture areas. You can start right@home program anytime from 20 weeks of pregnancy until six weeks after you have had your baby and been discharged from hospital.

right@home is a free home visiting program – it is up to you whether you want to take part or not.

Catchment area

Areas within Logan, Beenleigh, Browns Plains, Pine Rivers and Caboolture.

Do I need a referral?

You will need a formal referral from your midwife, GP or child health nurse to access this service.

How do I get a referral?

Talk to your midwife at either Logan or Beaudesert Hospital, child health nurse or GP, about being referred to the right@home program.

Information for health professionals

Eligibility requirements and further information about the right@home program are available on QHEPS (Queensland Health staff access only) – right@home: A guide for maternity services and health professionals.

Referral instructions

When referring patients to the right@home program please complete the online (Queensland Health staff access only) – Child Health Service Maternity and Baby referral form.

Please send referrals to chq-ch-referral@health.qld.gov.au or call 1300 366 039 for more information.

This service is available at

Logan Child Health
97-103 Wembley Rd,
Logan Central
QLD 4114
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Beenleigh Child Health
10-18 Mount Warren Blvd,
Mount Warren Park
QLD 4207
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Browns Plains Child Health
Cnr Middle Road and Wineglass Drive
QLD 4118
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Contact details

t: 1300 366 039

If you would like more information about right@home program, please talk to your midwife, child health nurse or GP.

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