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Referral instructions

Queensland Children’s Hospital hysiotherapy does not accept external referrals (we accept general practitioner referrals for consultants who redirect them to primary contact clinics).

The Child and Youth Community Health Service, Child Development Service, and Community and Allied Health Service accept general practitioner referrals.

Queensland Paediatric Physiotherapy Clinical Network

The Queensland Paediatric Physiotherapy Clinical Network (QPPCN) is a statewide physiotherapy clinical network that aims to support physiotherapists who work within the paediatric population. The network aims to link clinicians from across the state in order to facilitate sharing of knowledge and up to date evidence, sharing of best practice models of care and resources, support mentoring and clinical supervision and to act as a feedback loop between clinicians and management groups such as the Directors of Physiotherapy Services Queensland (DOPSQ).

The network provides a statewide paediatric physiotherapy forum and supports collaboration on relevant quality improvement projects, research and resource development. Additionally, the QPPCN supports paediatric specific professional development and networking opportunities through organisation of the bi-annual conference, in-service delivery and distribution of a professional development calendar.

The QPPCN welcomes clinicians from across all sectors including public health, the education sector, community organisations and private practice. The network formally meets quarterly, however, can be contacted throughout the year via the email address.

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Education and training

The physiotherapy service provides undergraduate and postgraduate education and clinical experience for physiotherapy programs in 6 Queensland universities. Workshops, seminars and other forms of education (e.g. Telehealth links) are delivered nationally and internationally, in addition to attendances and presentations at conferences worldwide.

Innovative airway suctioning education

Respiratory care of paediatric patients is an online learning tool designed by the physiotherapy department at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. It is aimed at nursing and allied health clinicians working in hospitals who are involved in the management of patients with respiratory complications. The course helps to build capability in understanding when and how to deliver airway suction safely and effectively. This ensures a high level of standardised management of children with respiratory complications being treated in all areas throughout Queensland.