How the program works

Step 1

Child Safety or Youth Justice staff will talk to the parents and carers about a child or young person’s health history and make a referral to Navigate Your Health.

Step 2

The child or young person will be assigned a Nurse Navigator.

The Nurse Navigator may also talk to the parents and carers about the child or young person’s health history and decide the most appropriate health professional or services to make an assessment.

The health assessment is usually completed by a general practitioner (GP), Aboriginal medical service, or a health professional that the child or young person already knows, unless a paediatrician or other health professional is required.

Step 3

When the health assessment is completed, the Nurse Navigator will develop a health management plan for the child or young person, outlining all of their health care needs. It will include recommendations for any ongoing treatment and additional referrals. This plan will be shared with relevant stakeholders involved in providing for the care needs of the child or young person.

Step 4

The Nurse Navigator will help connect the child to the health services they need.

Next steps

All children and young people benefit from having regular visits with their primary healthcare provider. It is recommended that every child or young person has an annual health assessment provided by their GP.

When appropriate, children and young people will be supported to transition and discharge from the Navigate Your Health program once their health needs are coordinated with the relevant service providers and their care arrangements are stable. A discharge summary will be developed for the child or young person to ensure the continuity of their health management plan is known by the relevant stakeholders involved in their care.