Jacaranda Place

About the centre

Jacaranda Place is Queensland’s newest mental health extended treatment centre for young people who are experiencing severe and complex mental health issues. It’s the first centre of its kind in Australia, delivering specialist care and support to young people in a safe, supportive and structured environment, with treatment focused on improving life skills, and increasing a young person’s capacity and confidence to successfully reconnect with their family and community.

Located in Chermside, Brisbane, the centre offers a 12-bed residential service and a 10-place Day Program delivered in partnership with the Department of Education to provide an integrated educational and mental health treatment service. Our multidisciplinary clinical teams include psychologists, nurses, doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, art and music therapists, speech pathologists, social workers, carer consultants and a peer workforce.

Designed with young people in mind

Young people with a lived experience of mental health care, their carers, clinicians, educators and First Nations people helped co-design Jacaranda Place to ensure it delivered a safe, effective and healing environment that meets the needs of young people and their families. Young people who use the centre will be moving into a new ‘home’ (even if just briefly), so we have worked hard to make sure it is welcoming, comfortable and reassuring to everyone who needs it. The centre includes:

  • A visitor’s lounge for parents, siblings, extended family and friends to visit young people, away from clinical areas;
  • Nine outdoor courtyards with a variety of purposes including physical activity and sports and break-out areas for quiet reflection and time with family;
  • An art room, music room and a gym.
  • Onsite accommodation for family members and carers of young people visiting from regional or rural areas, to help support ongoing family and social connections.
  • A special collection of artworks co-curated by consumers, carers and clinicians in consultation with Children’s Health Queensland’s Arts in Health Program.

This service is available at

Jacaranda Place
78 Farnell Street
Chermside 4032

Contact details

t: 07 2105 6000

If you require urgent mental health advice, contact the Acute Response Team on 07 3068 2555 or dial 000

e:  CHQ-Jacaranda-Place@health.qld.gov.au

Operating hours

Jacaranda Place is an inpatient facility that is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Reception hours

Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm

Why ‘Jacaranda’ Place?

The centre overlooks a row of spectacular Jacaranda Trees lining the street outside but there’s more to the name than that. The name reflects the strength and resilience of the iconic Jacaranda Tree, which is considered by many as a symbol of wisdom, rebirth and good luck.  The Jacaranda is a hardy tree that can grow in difficult conditions, blooming once a year, when its true beauty is shown in full colour. We believe this symbology connects nicely with the challenges and recovery journeys of the young people who are cared for at the centre.