QCH Childhood Hearing Clinic

The Queensland Children’s Hospital Childhood Hearing Clinic is part of the statewide Healthy Hearing Program and the Queensland Children’s Hospital Child Development Program. It is free of charge, and aims to support families of a child newly diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss to make informed decisions, understand their child’s medical needs and learn what to expect in the months and years ahead.

Further information about what your child’s hearing loss might mean for your family and your child, practical tips and additional resources are available from the Queensland Hearing Loss Family Support Service.


The audiologist at your local hospital will contact us and your local doctor if your child is diagnosed with a hearing loss. Our clinic coordinator will contact you to discuss a plan and book an appointment at the clinic.

Up to 3 appointments may be needed in the first few weeks for a thorough assessment of your child. In most cases, there’s no need for further hearing tests.

Clinic session times vary from one to four hours long, depending on who you need to see. Clinical services can include:

  • a paediatrician to assess any medical and developmental concerns, investigate the cause of the hearing loss and refer to other specialists if required
  • an Australian Hearing paediatric audiologist to discuss your child’s hearing loss, possible amplification options and also fit the amplification device if required
  • a speech pathologist to help with communication, speech and language development.

Your child may also require referrals to other specialists and services, including ear nose and throat (ENT) specialists, ophthalmology, genetics services, and the Children’s Health Queensland’s Hearing Implant Program.

Who can access this service?

Children aged 0–2 years who have been recently diagnosed with permanent hearing loss, and reside in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, can access care, services and support at the Queensland Children’s Hospital Childhood Hearing Clinic.


A GP referral plus a report confirming your child or young person’s permanent hearing loss from your audiologist is required.

Contact us

t: 1300 366 039 (Monday to Friday, 8am–4pm)
e: Childhood_Hearing@health.qld.gov.au