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Newborn hearing screening

Parents/carers of babies born in Queensland do not require a GP referral to access a Newborn Hearing Screen. Babies not screened in hospital at the time of birth will be offered an outpatient appointment. If parents haven’t received an appointment within a couple of weeks of birth, they should contact their birthing hospital to arrange one.
Parent/carers of home birthed babies should discuss referral to the appropriate maternity hospital with their midwife. They can also self-refer or contact Healthy Hearing head office for more information.

Ideally, screening is completed by one month of age.

For babies who have passed the Newborn Hearing Screening but require Audiology Assessment, a GP referral is required to either a public or private paediatric Audiology service.

Queensland Children’s Hospital Childhood Hearing Clinic

The Queensland Children’s Hospital Childhood Hearing Clinic  provides care and support services for  children (from birth up to 2 years) who have been recently diagnosed with permanent hearing loss, and reside in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. A GP referral plus a report confirming a child or young person’s permanent hearing loss from an audiologist is required for this clinic. Referrals should be sent to

Queensland Hearing Loss Family Support Service

The Queensland Hearing Loss Family Support Service (QHLFSS) supports Queensland families with children who have a permanent hearing loss. The service aims to minimise the time between a child’s diagnosis of hearing loss and families receiving support and services. Referrals to the QHLFSS can be made by calling 1800 352 075, or by completing and returning a referral form to

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  • “A Systematic Review of the Literature on Early Intervention for Children with a Permanent Hearing Loss”

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