Haematology and Haemophilia

The Haematology and Haemophilia Service provides care and treatment for children and adolescents with benign (non-malignant) blood diseases/disorders including:

  • haemoglobinopathy (for example sickle cell disease) and thalassemia
  • inherited red cell disorders
  • inherited bleeding disorders, including haemophilia A and B and von Willebrand disease
  • thrombotic disorders and thrombophilia
  • anticoagulation service
  • immune and non-immune cytopenias
  • inherited neutropenia and thrombocytopenia
  • iron deficiency
  • neonatal haematology
  • antenatal counselling for benign haematological disorders.

The service also provides antenatal counselling for inherited haematologic disorders and includes the Haemophilia Centre for children with inherited bleeding disorders.

We have developed a suite of resources for some of the most common conditions we help families manage.

Haematological disorders


Mild bleeding disorders

Sickle cell disease


General Haematology
By appointment
Level 3 (3c), Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane 4101
Monday mornings
Tuesday mornings and afternoons
Wednesday mornings and afternoons
Telehealth clinics – 3 clinics per month.

Haemophilia Centre
By appointment
Level 3 (3c), Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane 4101
Thursday afternoons
Telehealth clinics – 2 clinics per month

Outreach Clinics
Gold Coast University Hospital  |  2 per year
Nambour/Sunshine Coast  |  2 per year
Toowoomba  |  2 per year
Rockhampton  |  1 per year
Mackay  |  1 per year
Cairns  |  1 per year
Townsville  |  1 per year

Who can access this service?

New patients

Referrals are accepted up to a child’s 16th birthday.

Existing patients with complex care needs

Referrals are accepted up to a child’s 18th birthday (patients are usually transitioned to adult services by this time).

Catchment area

This service is available to children living in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Do I need a referral?

You will need a formal referral to access this service.

How do I get a referral?

Referrals are accepted from:

  • general practitioners
  • specialists.

Other referral information

Parents should speak with their local GP or specialist about being referred to the Haemotology Service and/or Haemophilia Centre.

Please contact the Patient Call Centre to confirm or change appointments.
t: 1300 762 831

Information for health professionals

Referral instructions

Patients are generally seen by a local paediatrician prior to referral.

Find out more about how to refer a patient.

Please contact the haematology team member on-call via the hospital switchboard to discuss referrals.
t: 07 3068 1111

Useful links

Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation
Haemophilia Foundation Australia
Haemophilia Foundation Queensland
World Federation of Hemophilia
National Blood Authority
Spleen Australia

Our team


Dr Simon Brown

This service is available at

General Medicine (3c)
Queensland Children’s Hospital

Level 3
501 Stanley Street
South Brisbane
QLD 4101
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Medical Day Unit (5b)
Queensland Children’s Hospital

Level 5
501 Stanley Street
South Brisbane
QLD 4101
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Contact details

General contact details

t: 07 3068 1111 (hospital switchboard)
t: 07 3068 2389 (Haematology Administrative Officer) 

Please see the links below for information about who to contact and when if your child has:

Operating hours

Monday to Friday, 8am–4pm.
An on call clinical service is available outside weekday working hours and during weekends and public holidays.

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