Queensland Childrens Hospital Gender Clinic and Statewide Service

For health professionals

Gender dysphoria is not a psychiatric diagnosis. However, it is frequently accompanied by psychological distress. Australian teenagers who identify as gender diverse have higher rates of ever being diagnosed with depression (74.6 per cent), anxiety (72.2 per cent), post-traumatic stress disorder (25.1 per cent), a personality disorder (20.1 per cent), psychosis (16.2 per cent) or an eating disorder (22.7 per cent). Furthermore 79.7 per cent reported ever self-harming and 48.1 per cent ever attempting suicide (TransPathways, 2017)

The Queensland Children’s Gender Service is a state-wide outpatients service and does not have the capacity to be the primary mental health treatment provider but will work collaboratively with existing providers in formulation and treatment planning and/or make referrals to local community mental health supports when needed.

Referral instructions

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Training videos

The Queensland Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic and Statewide Service has developed the following staff training videos for health professionals across Queensland. They were made with consumers and carers of children diverse in gender or sexuality to communicate their experiences to staff, the skills that optimise their health and the value of systemic change.

Optimising health – skills you need

Optimising health – systemic change

Optimising health – our experience