Dietetics and Food Services

The Dietetics and Food Services team works with patients and their families providing nutritional support to ensure children reach optimal health and growth outcomes. Our services include:

  • nutrition assessment
  • medical nutrition therapy
  • enteral nutrition
  • parenteral nutrition
  • specialist and general outpatient clinics
  • management of breast milk and formula
  • clinical food service provision
  • state-wide support for health professionals on paediatric nutrition
  • paediatric nutrition research
  • upskilling in paediatric nutrition practice for students and health professionals.

Our team includes dietitians and nutrition assistants with expertise in paediatric nutrition.


Dietetics Clinic
Level 6 (6a), Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Dietitians also service specialist clinics in multiple locations across the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Outreach services in metabolics and cystic fibrosis are also provided in locations throughout Queensland.

Who can access this service?

Babies, children and adolescents aged from birth to their 18th birthday can access this service.

Catchment area

We provide services to families and children admitted to the Queensland Children’s Hospital and those living within the Children’s Health Queensland catchment area, as well as state-wide outreach services in metabolics and cystic fibrosis. We also offer clinical nutrition advice to health professionals across Queensland.

Do I need a referral?

You will need a formal referral to access this service.

How do I get a referral?

Outpatient referrals

Referrals for outpatient services may be accepted from health professionals if your child’s nutritional needs are clinically complex and a more appropriate allied health service is not available in your local area.

Inpatient referrals

Inpatients at the Queensland Children’s Hospital can be referred by any health professional.

Information for health professionals

Dietetics and Food Services offers a wide variety of services in paediatric nutrition management.

We are leaders in research and innovation of paediatric nutrition practice in the areas of obesity, nutrition screening, parenteral nutrition, cerebral palsy, cardiac, critical care, oncology, allergy and ketogenic diets.

We offer a large number of clinical guidelines in paediatric nutrition management which are available on the Governance eCatalogue on QHEPs (search nutrition) or by contacting the department directly. The department has expertise in the clinical service provision of hospital based food services and infant and specialised formula. One of the department priorities is the upskilling and support for students and health professionals in paediatric nutrition across Queensland.

Referral instructions

Inpatient referrals can be made by any CHQ health professional:

  • identifying a patient as at nutrition risk via patient flow manager
  • contacting the dietitian specific to the clinical case load
  • by phoning the Dietetics and Food Services Department

t: 07 3068 4746

Dietitians are available across all clinics and wards at the Queensland Children’s Hospital and provide an on-call service Saturday to Sunday and on public holidays between 8am-5pm.
Outpatient referrals can be made:

  • by health professionals within Children’s Health Queensland.
  • by health professionals working within a Queensland Health facility outside of Children’s Health Queensland, if a patient is scheduled be transferred to the Queensland Children’s Hospital and approval is provided by the Dietetics and Food Services professional lead prior to acceptance of the referral for categorisation.
  • Non-Queensland Health referring clinicians, if the child’s nutritional needs are clinically complex and a more appropriate allied health service is not otherwise available within the patient’s catchment area. Approval is required from the Dietetics and Food Services professional lead prior to acceptance.

Who may benefit from this service

Our dietitians offer nutritional management to at-risk children with a variety of clinical diagnosis and indications including:

  • allergy
  • rehabilitation
  • over and under nutrition
  • metabolic disorders
  • cystic fibrosis
  • cardiac
  • critical care
  • renal
  • gastroenterology
  • hepatology
  • neurology
  • oncology
  • endocrine
  • diabetes
  • respiratory
  • eating disorders
  • burns.

This service is available at

Allied Health (6a)
Queensland Children’s Hospital

Level 6
501 Stanley Street
South Brisbane
QLD 4101
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Contact details

t: 07 3068 4746

Operating hours

Monday to Friday, 8am–4.30pm.
An on-call service is also available at the Queensland Children’s Hospital Saturday to Sunday and on public holidays, 8am-5pm.


Paediatric Nutrition Screening Tool