Day Rehabilitation Program

The Day Rehabilitation Program provides intensive rehabilitation services to support your child and family across a range of areas.

Support services include:

  • fine motor coordination and play skills
  • physical and gross motor ability
  • social interaction and communication skills
  • feeding and self-help skills
  • thinking and learning
  • emotional well-being and behaviour
  • participation in family and social life
  • participation in school
  • overall family adjustment and coping.

The program services are available:

  • directly after discharge from hospital if your child has been an inpatient
  • after being at home for a period or further down the track when additional therapy goals have been identified
  • when new interventions have been implemented.

Please note, this is a ‘care by parent’ program, which means parents/carers must remain present with their child during therapy. Meals are available on request and rest areas are available for patients who have a long day or are fatigued. Your child may also access the hospital school during their stay.

Delivered through the statewide Queensland Paediatric Rehabilitation Service, the Day Rehabilitation Program is available to children and young people from across Queensland. Accommodation and travel allowances can be arranged for eligible patients. Children are admitted and discharged to the 6e Day Hospital each day. Please ask our staff for more information.

First appointment

At your child’s first appointment, you will meet the program’s nurse and members of your child’s multidisciplinary team, who will work with you to discuss your child’s goals and together develop the rehab plan to work towards.  Our administration staff will also work with you to complete any necessary paperwork.

The team

If your child has been an inpatient at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, they may be seen by a different team of therapists in the Day Rehabilitation Program. However, our inpatient and day rehabilitation therapy teams work closely together to ensure that your child has a smooth transition into the day program.

  • Nurse – provides support for medical and physical wellbeing.
  • Orthotist – provides orthotics, splints and prosthetics as required.
  • Rehabilitation specialist/paediatrician – provide specialist assessment and interventions to maximise health and wellbeing.
  • Physiotherapist – provides assessment and ongoing management to maximise mobility and physical skills.
  • Speech pathologist – provides assessment and ongoing management of any swallowing and communication difficulties.
  • Dietician – provides assessment, prescription and advice to ensure your child’s nutritional needs are being met.
  • Neuropsychologist – provides assessment and support for learning, behavioural and emotional wellbeing.
  • Occupational therapist – provides assessment and therapy to maximise your child’s participation in daily living skills.
  • Social worker – provides both short and long-term counselling and support for your child and family.
  • Allied health assistant – supports the rehabilitation staff and programs.

Your child’s day rehabilitation team will work with you to develop goals and a time schedule that suits your family. This may include daily intensive therapy over a week or two, or less intensive therapy (once or twice a week) over a period of some weeks. Your child will be assigned a care coordinator and this is your contact person during your day rehab program.

Next steps

Upon completion of the Day Rehabilitation Program, your child’s goals will be reviewed and they will be followed up through one of our outpatient clinics (Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic, Neurocognitive Clinic, Limb Difference Clinic, Physical Assessment Clinic, BoNTa Clinic or Outreach Clinic). Our team can also liaise with local community services and your child’s school if required, to ensure a smooth transition to home life, school and community.

This service is available at

Rehabilitation Day Unit (6e)
Queensland Children’s Hospital

Level 6
501 Stanley Street
South Brisbane
QLD 4101
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Contact details

t: 07 3068 2461

Operating hours

Monday to Friday, 8am-4.30pm.

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