Children of Parents with Mental Illness

The Children of Parents with Mental Illness (COPMI) program is a mental-health promotion, prevention and early-intervention initiative that aims to promote better mental-health outcomes for children of parents with mental-health concerns.

Our program provides parallel case management support for Child and Youth Mental Health Service clinicians, by offering parent and family focused specific interventions.

We strive to facilitate integrated family-centred care and recovery for children and young people affected by parental mental illness.

Group programs, such as Kidz Club and Koping Adolescent Programs, are offered to clients of Children’s Health Queensland community and hospital-based clinics, up to four times each per calendar year.

Our program coordinators provide a consultation liaison service to build the capacity of all Child and Youth Mental Health staff. They also develop and maintain collaborative pathways with external stakeholders to identify, assess, support and respond to unmet service needs of family members affected by parental illness.

In order to enhance and stay informed of evidence-based, mental-health practice, our coordinators promote the linking of families and clinicians to current resources at, as well as offering training in facilitation of Children of Parents with Mental Illness specific interventions.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a formal referral to access this service.

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Children of Parents with Mental Illness