Burns first aid

Burns first aid is a vital part of treating a burn injury. It helps:

  • relieve pain
  • decrease cell and skin damage
  • improve wound healing and scar formation.

Children’s Health Queensland recommends cool running water for 20 minutes as the most effective first aid for burns injuries. First aid can be applied for up to three hours after a burn injury has occurred.

Steps for providing burns first aid:

1. Stop, drop to the ground, roll to put the fire out. 2. Remove all heat sources including clothes, nappies and jewellery. 3. Cool. Place burn under running cool tap water for 20 minutes. Do NOT use ice. 4. Use cling film to cover and protect the burn.

In an emergency, always call 000 for assistance.

Cool runnings burns prevention and first aid videos

The videos below highlight potential hazards that could lead to a child being burned while also offering advice about the best first aid treatment for burns and when to seek further treatment from a medical professional.