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Your stories


Our George was born with a little extra, trisomy 21 (down syndrome) and a complete AVSD heart condition. We knew our life would face some interesting challenges, what we got was a courageous fighter who gave us pure joy.

25 August 2021 |


In December 2017, after months of unexplained lethargy Thomas was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma - a paediatric brain tumour.

4 May 2021 |

Garry and Roxane

Our son Frederick (Freddy) passed away aged 16 days, on 8 June 2017. He was a perfectly healthy and happy little boy, unexpectedly contracting late onset GBS (a type of Group B streptococcus infection).

7 December 2020 |

Brandon and Hayley

It is no secret that many marriages feel immense pressure and can even fall apart due to the death of a child. I can completely understand why. For my husband, Brandon, and I this really started when our third daughter Gabriella was diagnosed with a terminal genetic condition.

5 August 2020 |
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