Bereavement text resources

Bereavement text resources

Title: Coping with sorrow, loss and grief
Author/Publisher/Date: Lifeline Australia. (2009).
Title: 10 pack journals: What on earth do you do when someone dies?
Author/Publisher/Date: Trevor Romain Company. Trevor Romain Company (2008).
ISBN: 1934365491, 9781934365496

Title: I’ll always love you
Author/Publisher/Date: Hans Wilhelm. Paw Prints (2008).
ISBN: 1435294882, 9781435294882

Title: Helping teens cope with death
Author/Publisher/Date: Dougy Centre for Grieving Children. Dougy Centre (1999).
ISBN: 1890534021, 9781890534028

Title: Losing someone you love: When a brother or sister dies
Author/Publisher/Date: Elizabeth Richter. G.P Putnam’s Sons (1986).

Title: Something I’ve never felt before: How teenagers cope with grief
Author/Publisher/Date: Doris Zagdanski. Hill of Content (1994).
ISBN: 0855721995, 9780855721992

Title: Straight talk about death for teenagers: how to cope with losing someone you love
Author/Publisher/Date: Earl A. Grollman. Beacon Press (1993).
ISBN: 0807025003, 9780807025000

Title: Remember the secret
Author/Publisher/Date: Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Random House Children’s Books (2004).
ISBN: 1883672791, 9781883672799

Title: The grief book: strategies for young people
Author/Publisher/Date: Elizabeth Vercoe & Kerry Abramowski. Black Dog books (2004).
ISBN: 1876372524, 9781876372521

Title: When a friend dies: A book for teens about grieving and healing
Author/Publisher/Date: Marilyn E. Gootman & Pamela Espeland. Turtleback Books(2005).
ISBN: 1417689684, 9781417689682

Title: A new star
Author/Publisher/Date: Helen Lucas. Random House Australia (1996).
ISBN: 0091829941, 9780091829940

Title: A terrible thing happened
Author/Publisher/Date: Margaret M. Holmes. Dalmation Press (2001).
ISBN: 157759696X, 9781577596967

Title: Badger’s parting gifts
Author/Publisher/Date: Susan Varley. HarperCollins (1992).
ISBN: 0688115187, 9780688115180

Title: Children also grieve: Talking about death and healing
Author/Publisher/Date: Linda Goldman. Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2005).
ISBN: 1843108089, 9781843108085

Title: Gentle Willow: A story for children about dying
Author/Publisher/Date: Joyce C. Mills, Magination Press (2003).
ISBN: 1591470714, 9781591470717

Title: Giraffes can’t dance
Author/Publisher/Date: Giles Andreae. Hodder Children’s Division (2009).
ISBN: 1408303620, 9781408303627

Title: I miss you: A first look at death
Author/Publisher/Date: Pat Thomas. Barron’s Educational Series (2001).
ISBN: 0764117645, 9780764117640

Title: It’s okay to be different
Author/Publisher/Date: Todd Parr. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2011).
ISBN: 0316186929, 9780316186926

Title: Lifetimes
Author/Publisher/Date: Bryan Mellonie, Robert Ingpen. Random House Publishing Group (1983).
ISBN: 0553344021, 9780553344028

Title: Love is forever
Author/Publisher/Date: Casey Rislov, Casey Rislov Books (2013)
ISBN: 9780615884059

Title: Muddles, puddles and sunshine
Author/Publisher/Date: Diana Crossley. Hawthorn Press (2010).
ISBN: 190345896X, 9781903458969

Title: My many coloured days
Author/Publisher/Date: Dr Seuss. Random House Children’s Books (1998).
ISBN: 067989344X, 9780679893448

Title: The flat rabbit
Author/Publisher/Date: Bardur Oskarsson, Owlkids (2014)
ISBN: 9781771470599

Title: The heart and the bottle
Author/Publisher/Date: Oliver Jeffers, Philomel books (2010)
ISBN: 9780399254529

Title: The huge bag of worries
Author/Publisher/Date: Virginia Ironside & Frank Rodgers. Trafalgar Square Books (2011).
ISBN: 1444902725, 9781444902723

Title: The invisible string
Author/Publisher/Date: Patrice Karst. DeVross Publications (2000).
ISBN: 0875167349, 9780875167343

Title: The kissing hand
Author/Publisher/Date: Audrey Penn. Tanglewood Press (2003).
ISBN: 1933718366, 9781933718361

Title: The little tree
Author/Publisher/Date: Katsumi Komagata, One Stroke (2008)
ISBN: 5552001054

Title: The next place
Author/Publisher/Date: Warren Hanson. Waldman House Press (1997)
ISBN: 0931674328, 9780931674327

Title: Waterbugs and dragonflies: Explaining death to young children
Author/Publisher/Date: Doris Stickney. Bloomsbury (2002).
ISBN: 0826464580, 9780826464583

Title: What’s dead mean?: How to help children cope with death
Author/Publisher/Date: Doris Zagdanski. Michelle Anderson Pub Pty Limited (2005).
ISBN: 0855723165, 9780855723163

Title: When dinosaurs die: A guide to understanding death
Author/Publisher/Date: Laurene Krasny Brown & Marc Tolon Brown. Demco Media (1998).
ISBN: 0606173897, 9780606173896

Title: When I miss you
Author/Publisher/Date: Cornelia Maude Spelman. Albert Whitman (2010).
ISBN: 0807589047, 9780807589045

Title: Another baby: The decision is yours
Author/Publisher/Date: National SIDS Council of Australia. SIDS and Kids (2003).
t 03 9819 4595
Title: Healing a father’s grief
Author/Publisher/Date: William H. Schatz. Medic Publishing Company (2001).
ISBN: 0934230528, 9780934230520

Title: Michael Rosen’s sad book
Author/Publisher/Date: Michael Rosen. Candlewick Press (2008).
ISBN: 0763641049, 9780763641047

Title: Swallowed by a snake: The gift of the masculine side of healing
Author/Publisher/Date: Thomas R. Golden. Golden Healing Pub. (2000).
ISBN: 0965464911, 9780965464918

Title: When a man faces grief/A man you know is grieving: 12 practical ideas to help you heal from loss/12 ideas for helping him heal from loss (2 part book for men and their partners)
Author/Publisher/Date: James E. Miller & Thomas Golden. Willowgreen Publishing (1998).
ISBN: 1885933274, 9781885933270

Title: When men grieve: Why men grieve differently and how you can help
Author/Publisher/Date: Elizabeth Levang. Fairview press (1998)
ISBN: 1577490789, 9781577490784

Title: I don’t know what to say: how to help and support someone who is dying
Author/Publisher/Date: Rob Buckman. Key Porter Books (1998).
ISBN: 1550130706, 9781550130706

Title: Helping the bereaved
Author/Publisher/Date: (2008)

Title: Stuck for words: What to say to someone who is grieving
Author/Publisher/Date: Doris Zagdanski. Hill of Content (1994).
ISBN: 0855722371, 9780855722371

Title: For bereaved grandparents
Author/Publisher/Date: Margaret H. Gerner. Centering Corporation (1990).
ISBN: 1561230022, 9781561230020

Title: Grandma’s tears: Comfort for grieving grandparents
Author/Publisher/Date: June Cerza Kolf. Baker Books (1995).
ISBN: 0801052645, 9780801052644

Title: Grandparents cry twice: Help for bereaved grandparents
Author/Publisher/Date: Mary Loud Reed. Baywood Publishing Company (2000).
ISBN: 089503204X, 9780895032041

Title: When a grandchild dies: What to do, what to say, how to cope
Author/Publisher/Date: Nadine Galinsky, Gal in Sky Publishing Company (1999).
ISBN: 0967441609, 9780967441603

Title: Healing together: A couple’s guide to coping with trauma & post-traumatic stress
Author/Publisher/Date: Suzanne B. Phillips & Dianne Kane. New Harbinger Publications (2009).
ISBN: 1572245441, 9781572245440
Title: Mother care: Physical care and beyond after a baby dies
Author/Publisher/Date: Sherokee Ilse, Inez Anderson & Mary Funk. Wintergreen Press (1995).

Title: The time in between – motherhood grief: Odes to mothers who have lost children
Author/Publisher/Date: Jan Hill & P. Hill. Flaskback Press (1994).
ISBN: 0646069004, 9780646069005

Title: Beyond words: Grieving when your child has died
Author/Publish/Date: Andrew Thompson and Tricia Irving Hendry. Skylight (2012).
ISBN: 9780987654007

Title: By My Side: stories of parents whose child has died from cancer
Author: Leigh Donovan in collaboration with Redkite (2016)

Title: Coping with grief
Author/Publisher/Date: Mal McKissock & Dianne McKissock. ABC Books for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1995).
ISBN: 0733304389, 9780733304385

Title: Hello from heaven!: a new field of research, after-death communication, confirms that life and love are eternal
Author/Publisher/Date: Bill Guggenheim & Judy Guggenheim. Bantam Books (1997).
ISBN: 0553576348, 9780553576344

Title: Now that the funeral is over: Understanding the effects of grief
Author/Publisher/Date: Doris Zagdanski. Hill of Content (1997).
ISBN: 0855722789, 9780855722784

Title: Oscar and the lady in pink
Author/Publisher/Date: Eric- Emmanuel Schmitt. Atlantic Books, Limited (2008).
ISBN: 1843548860, 9781843548867

Title: Single parent grief
Author/Publisher/Date: Sherokee Ilse. A Place to Remember (1994).

Title: The bereaved parent
Author/Publisher/Date: Harriet Sarnoff Schiff. Crown Publishing Group (2012).
ISBN: 0307817377, 9780307817372

Title: The grief of our children
Author/Publisher/Date: Dianne McKissock. Bereavement Care Centre (2009).
ISBN: 0980461723, 9780980461725

Title: The little book of loss and grief you can read while you cry
Author/Publisher/Date: Liz Crowe, Michael Hanrahan Publishing (2014)
ISBN: 9780992454101

Title: When bad things happen to good people
Author/Publisher/Date: Harold S. Kushner. Pan Books (2002).
ISBN: 0330490559, 9780330490559

Title: The First Days and Weeks of Grief
Author/Publisher/Date: Lynne Ewart & Tricia Irving Hendry. Funeral Link (2011)
ISBN: 978-0-9864629-1-7

Title: As the Months Go By…
Author/Publisher/Date: Lynne Ewart & Tricia Irving Hendry. Funeral Link (2011)
ISBN: 978-0-9864629-0-0

Title: As the First Anniversary Approaches… and Beyond
Author/Publisher/Date: Lynne Ewart & Tricia Irving Hendry. Funeral Link (2011)
ISBN: 978-0-9864629-2

Title: Annie M & Zheng Qu. Little Steps Publishing (2018)
Author/Publisher/Date: Annie M & Zheng Qu. Little Steps Publishing (2018)
ISBN: 9781925545562

Title: Things to do in remembrance of your child
Author/Publisher/Date: National SIDS Council of Australia. SIDS and Kids WA.
Title: Am I still a sister?
Author/Publisher/Date: Alicia M. Sims. Accord Inc. (1993).
ISBN: 0961899506, 9780961899509

Title: On the wings of a butterfly: A story about life and death
Author/Publisher/Date: Marilyn Maple, Earl A. Grollman & Sandy Haight. Parenting Press, Inc. (1992).
ISBN: 0943990688, 9780943990682

Title: Sibling grief: After miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death
Author/Publisher/Date: Sherokee Ilse, Linda Hammer Burns, Susan Erling Martinez. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Center (1984).

Title: Finn’s Feather
Author/Publisher/Date: Rachel Noble & Zoey Abbott. Enchanted Lion Books (2018)
ISBN: 978-1-59270-274-9

Title: 35 ways to help a grieving child
Author/Publisher/Date: Amy R. Barrett & Dougy Centre for Grieving Children. Dougy Centre for Grieving Children (1999).
ISBN: 189053403X, 9781890534035

Title: Bereaved children and teens: A support guide for parents and professionals
Author/Publisher/Date: Earl A. Grollman. Beacon Press (1996).
ISBN: 0807023078, 9780807023075

Title: Can I take my panda Daddy?
Author/Publisher/Date: Gregory Crooks. Boolarong Press (2005).
ISBN: 1921054549, 9781921054549

Title: Children’s grief: A guide for parents
Author/Publisher/Date: Pam Heaney. Longacre (2004).
ISBN: 1877135992, 9781877135996

Title: Children grieve, too: Helping children cope with grief
Author/Publisher/Date: Joy Johnson & Marvin Johnson. Centering Corporation (1998).
ISBN: 1561231061, 9781561231065

Title: Children mourning, mourning children
Author/Publisher/Date: Kenneth Doka. Taylor & Francis (1995).
ISBN: 1560324473, 9781560324478

Title: Helping children cope with death
Author/Publisher/Date: Dougy Centre for Grieving Children. Dougy Centre for Grieving Children (1997).
ISBN: 1890534005, 9781890534004

Title: Helping children cope with the loss of a loved one: A guide for grownups
Author/Publisher/Date: William C. Kroen. Free Spirit Publishing (1996).
ISBN: 1575420007, 9781575420004

Title: What about the kids? Understanding their needs in funeral planning & services
Author/Publisher/Date: Dougy Center for Grieving Children. Dougy Center for Grieving Children (1999)
ISBN: 1890534048, 9781890534042

Title: In My Heart: A Book of Feelings
Author/Publisher/Date: Jo Witek & Christine Roussey. Abrams (2014)
ISBN: 978-1-4197-1310-1

Title: Adam Gets Back in the Game
Author/Publisher/Date: Greg Adams & Paige Mason. Et Alia Press (2019)
ISBN: 978-1-944528-84-3

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