Anaesthesia and Pain Management

The Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management provides a high level of specialist Paediatric Anaesthesia services at the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) as well as outreach services in various locations across Queensland when required.

At QCH we provide a paediatric anaesthesia service for children up to 16 years of age along with a Persistent Pain Service, Acute Pain Service and a Vascular Access & Management Service (VAMS).

We also provide advice and teaching on all aspects of paediatric anaesthesia to fellow anaesthetists, other medical practitioners, nurses and paramedical professionals and medical students.

Many children who have surgery at the QCH will not need to stay in the hospital overnight and will attend the Day Surgery Unit. Children expected to remain in hospital overnight will attend the hospital’s Day of Surgery Admissions.

Most children are seen by an anaesthetist on the day of surgery and some will have spoken to one of our anaesthetists via telephone in our pre-anaesthetic assessment clinic.

Our specialist Paediatric Anaesthetists work in close collaboration with other departments to provide exceptional patient care, equal to the best available anywhere in the world.

Patient safety is paramount – our anaesthetists are involved in the assessment of patients before their operation to select the most appropriate anaesthetic technique for each patient. We endeavour to keep all patients and their families well informed about what they will experience before and after their surgery. In the operating theatre, our anaesthetists expertly monitor all patients continuously using the most modern equipment available.

Our involvement extends into the postoperative period, providing an around the clock pain management service to ensure that all patients are kept as comfortable as possible.

Our Paediatric Persistent Pain Management Service is an interdisciplinary service for children and adolescents up to the age of 16 years with persistent pain. This predominate outpatient service aims to help patients better understand and manage their persistent pain using a variety of methods that focus on the psychological, social, and physical impact of persistent pain.

Our Vascular Assessment and Management Service (VAMS) provides a collaborative approach to ensuring the right vascular access device is selected and inserted in a timely, efficient manner to enable treatment of both acute and chronic illness. Vessel health and preservation is of paramount importance in ensuring the longevity of vascular access for each patient from infancy through to adulthood. VAMS can assist with insertion of difficult vascular access utilising the latest technology when appropriate. We offer a variety of devices for short to mid-term vascular access utilising local anaesthesia and general anaesthesia.

Who can access this service?

Patients aged from birth to a their 16th birthday can access this service.

Do I need a referral?

You do not need a formal referral to access this service.

Our team


Director of Anaesthesia – Dr Fiona Macfarlane

Deputy Director of People – Dr Jason Schoutrop

Deputy Director Policy & Quality – Dr Trung Du

Senior Medical Officers

Dr Nicole Anderson
Dr Stuart Blain
Dr Daniel Boyd
Dr Christopher Carter
Dr Mui Khoon Chang
Dr Brett Chaseling
Dr Shirley Cheung
Dr Caroline Collard
Dr Janne Coman
Dr Kath Cooke
Dr Erin Corcoran
Dr Heinrich Cornelissen
Dr David Dolan
Dr Aaron Donaldson
Dr Alex Donaldson
Dr Sarah Doneley
Dr Trung Du
Dr Rob Elliott
Dr Kathryn Fry
Dr Kim Fuller
Dr Cameron Graydon
Dr Nick Hogan
Dr Susan Humphreys
Dr Adam Keys
Dr Paul Lee-Archer
Dr Sharon Maconachie
Dr Anna Miedecke
Dr Greg Moloney
Dr Shannon Morrison
Dr Patrick Nelmes
Dr Neil Paterson
Dr Naomi Pearson
Dr Michael Ranger
Dr Vanessa Rich
Dr Derek Rosen
Dr Scott Smith
Dr Julia Taylor
Dr Brooke Vickerman
Dr Frances Ware
Dr Adel Wesley
Dr Ben Zugai

Visiting Medical Officers

Dr David Anderson
Dr Sarah Goetz
Dr David Hill
Dr Eric Janes
Dr Graham Mapp
Dr Peter Waterhouse
Dr Tim Wong

Persistent Pain Service

Lead Clinician Persistent Pain Service – Dr Mark Alcock
Nurse Practitioner – Jules Richards

Acute Pain Service

Clinical Nurse Consultant – Janelle Keyser
Clinical Nurse – Beth Andresen
Nurse Practitioner – Kate Kotzur

Vascular and Access Management Services (VAMS)

Nurse Practitioner – Tricia Kliedon
Clinical Nurse – Colleen Pitt
Clinical Nurse – Anna Dean

This service is available at

Queensland Children’s Hospital
South Brisbane
QLD 4101
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Contact details


t: 07 3068 1135

Persistent Pain Service

t: 07 3068 4499

Acute Pain Service

t: 07 3068 4459 | 07 3068 4469 (Nurse Practitioner)

Vascular and Access Management Services (VAMS)

t: 0407 175 301 | 07 3068 3440 (Clinical Nurse)

Operating hours

Monday to Friday, 7.30am-5.30pm.
On-call services are also available where necessary.

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