Our research

Children’s Health Queensland strives to be at the forefront of life-changing research that delivers the best-possible healthcare and outcomes for children and young people. The Queensland Children’s Hospital is a leading academic hospital with a longstanding history and commitment to research, a tradition that that been strengthened by its co-location with the Centre for Children’s Health Research, Queensland’s first fully integrated research facility focused on child and adolescent health research. This close collaboration between clinical staff, researchers and scientists and easy access to patients means research findings can be quickly translated into better healthcare for children in Queensland and around the world.

Our researchers investigate a wide range of areas such as genetics, allergies, oncology, vaccines, burns, heart disease, respiratory viruses and infections, infectious diseases, biomechanics, early childhood development and child and youth mental health.

Currently, 29 distinct research groups and organisations are working on research projects in the Queensland Children’s Hospital, the Centre for Children’s Health Research and across Children’s Health Queensland.

Our research priorities

Children’s Health Queensland has identified key research priorities, in agreement with our partners, based on national and regional priorities for child health, evidence and the major causes of mortality and morbidity. These include:

  • Obesity and diabetes
  • Infant mortality
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory disease
  • Infectious disease
  • Injury and trauma
  • Neuro development and disability
  • Psychiatric and behavioural disorders.

Our overarching aim is to deliver a healthier outlook for children and to reduce the burden of disease.