Visiting hours

  • Latest information - patient visitor restrictions
    Visitor restrictions remain in place at the Queensland Children’s Hospital and all Children’s Health Queensland facilities, including the Ellen Barron Family Centre and Community Clinics, to ensure we continue to maintain safe access to health care for children. Physical distancing guidelines still play an important role in protecting patients, families and staff as we gradually increase services.
    For more information and the latest updates visit our dedicatedCOVID-19 page.

Patient visiting hours during the COVID-19 pandemic have changed to 8am to 5pm, daily. Under current visitor restrictions, inpatients are permitted two parents or carers from the same household during visiting hours. A single parent/ carer will continue to be able to stay with their child after hours.

Siblings should continue to be limited wherever possible. For parents and carers from separate households, a 10-minute changeover at a child’s bedside will be permitted in between visits.

Quiet time

Our wards observe ‘Quiet time’ daily so children can rest. This generally occurs between between 1pm and 3pm but check with staff in your ward. During quiet time, the lights will be dimmed, and televisions and other electronic devices (games, laptops etc) will be turned off. We also ask that there are minimal visitors during this time.

Feeling unwell?

It’s important that family members and other visitors do not come to the hospital if they are unwell, as they could pass an infection to your child or other children. Please also tell our staff if you or your child has had contact with someone who has recently been sick.


Latex balloons are not allowed anywhere in the hospital because some of our patients may have latex allergies. Deliveries of latex balloons to the hospital will not be accepted. Mylar and other non-latex balloons for patients are always welcome.

Flowers and plants

Fresh or dried flowers and live plants are not permitted anywhere in the hospital because they are a potential source of allergens, dirt and insects, all of which may be harmful to a seriously ill patient. Please tell family and friends of this when possible.